Fake Pregnancy Letter from Doctor

Pregnancy is a natural phenomenon and a process of creation that God almighty has shared with women. The process of conception is a beautiful phase that allows a woman to go through the experience of creation. This is the reason a mother feels a special and strong connection with her children.

When a mother gets pregnant she experiences a number of things during that course of 9 months and goes through the ups and downs of health and emotional status as well. All this happens in a single pregnancy.

Why is a pregnancy letter needed?

A pregnancy verification form or letter is needed on multiple occasions. Let us enlist some of the most common reasons for which a pregnancy letter is needed.

  1. Maternity leave is the right of every working woman. The duration of maternity leave is approximately three months but it depends upon the state and country law. To become eligible for maternity leave, one must produce a pregnancy verification form which must be duly signed by the concerned doctor.
  2. Legal issues and the matter of inheritance and property disputes are also important issues that might need pregnancy verification forms.
  3. Sometimes, a pregnancy verification letter is needed for a number of fraternity disputes and needs proper proof.
  4. A pregnancy verification letter is also needed for the establishment of the gestational age of the fetus. We need to establish the gestational age because of medical reasons. For example, the medical care, investigations, and supplements prescribed in the first trimester are different from the management required in the second or third trimester of pregnancy.
  5. Similarly, knowing the estimated date of delivery of the patient is very important. Especially in the third trimester of pregnancy, every week counts and we don’t want a preterm or a postdate delivery. If a woman forgets her LMP and does not have any pregnancy verification form and comes with labor pains, her doctor faces a difficult situation in how to decide on the time of delivery and also the mode of delivery.

What information is needed in the pregnancy verification form?

A fake pregnancy verification form is similar to any other verification form. It consists of the name and age of the mother including the name, age, and contact details of the father as well.

It also includes the date of the last menstrual period and all other details are the same as any other pregnancy verification form.

The doctor signs this verification form and adds his name, qualification details, and contact details.

Another important thing to mention here is that a fake pregnancy verification form must not be produced as much as possible.

Fake verification forms might also be produced in the case when an original pregnancy verification form is lost by the mother or the family. All other reasons are not valid no matter how justified they appear in the eyes of the demanding party.

The fake pregnancy verification letter is also produced in case of some malicious intentions in which case, the doctor and the client both can face serious legal consequences.

Pregnancy Verification Form
Pregnancy Verification Form

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