Excuse Letter for Work due to Doctor’s Appointment

We often feel the need to write an excuse letter to our employer when we cannot be available for work due to some problem. Having an appointment with the doctor is a very genuine reason to be absent from work. You can tell your employer that you cannot be available on a specific date because you have an appointment. Remember that it is the right of every employee to get sick leave or leave to go for a regular checkup.

Writing an excuse letter shouldn’t be difficult if we consider the following

Follow the right format:

The excuse letter for work is generally written in a formal setting where you are addressing your employer. So, you should make sure that you write it in such a way that it looks like a formal document.

Excuse for not coming to work:

You should make the employer feel that you are not happy for not being able to come to work but you have a genuine reason for this.

Give details of the appointment:

To make the employer understand your absence due to an appointment makes sense, provide him with the details of the appointment. When the employer sees that there is a clash between the job timings and the appointment time, he will understand why you are not being able to come

Close the letter with the request:

In the end, request the manager to allow you to go on leave.

Give a read to the samples


Subject: Excuse of absence due to doctor appointment

This is to inform you that I am severely ill due to a viral infection because of which, I had to take an urgent appointment with the doctor. I fear that I might pass on this virus to others. Therefore, it was not safe for me to visit the office. I would have come in person to get the leave application accepted otherwise.

My appointment with Dr. XYZ is booked in The Civil Hospital tomorrow at 8 am. Since there is a clash between the appointment time and office timing, I was left with no option but to take a leave from work. I would have changed the appointment timing if I did not want an urgent appointment with the doctor.

Kindly accept my leave application and allow me to go on leave for a day. I will be available on the phone after the appointment time has come to an end. For confirmation, I am attaching the appointment letter that I received from the emergency ward of the hospital. I’ll be obliged for this act of kindness.


Subject: Absence excuse due to appointment with [XYZ] on [ABC]

I received an appointment letter from my general physician regarding the intense pain in my stomach that I often experience at night. This problem has affected my work and personal life.

I have been trying to get an appointment for the last couple of days. Finally, I can get it and now I cannot miss out on it. Therefore, I will not be able to attend the office on 15th July 2055. For your confirmation, I am attaching a copy of the appointment letter with this letter so that you can also be aware of the timing of seeing the doctor. Furthermore, I am not sure if I will have to stay there for one day or more. Currently, I need to leave for a day. 

It is a humble request to you to kindly excuse me from work for a day. I’ll appreciate the kind gesture from you in this hour of need. If there is anything you need to reach out to, feel free to contact me on [ABC]. I am available all the time except for the time I will spend in the doctor’s clinic.

Excuse Letter for Work due to Doctor’s Appointment

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