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Excuse Letter for Absence due to Medical Checkup

    Re. Excuse Letter for Absence from Work due to Checkup at [name of the hospital or clinic]

    I was absent on [date] due to my medical checkup the [name of the hospital]. It was very difficult for me to get the appointment there as the doctor whom I needed to consult does not visit the clinic regularly. He is a member of the visiting faculty of the hospital; therefore, he is scheduled to visit the hospital on [day] only. Therefore, I could not come to the office today.

    I have had a bad throat and cough for more than one week. It has made my organs exerted and tired due to excessive coughing. In my testing and examination, a chest infection was diagnosed. Moreover, the doctors were scared as it could be Covid-19 too. Therefore, I had to give it one full day and get all the tests and X-Ray done. My appointment was at 11 AM but it got delayed due to other reasons at the hospital.

    I have attached my doctor’s prescription and the hospital’s invoice. I understand that my last day’s absence from work caused a lot of inconvenience for the latest project management team. Please review my reports and send me your response at the same email address.

    I informed the human resources for one-day leave from work due to the checkup. However, I heard that the Assistant HR was also on leave yesterday.

    Please accept my excuse from work on the said day.

    Thank you.

    Excuse from work

    Re. Excuse from Work due to a Medical Appointment with Dr. [name] at [name of the hospital]

    Dear [name],

    I am [name], the [position], working in the department of [name of the department], in this company. I received an email today from [name of the designation and official] asking me the reason for my unauthorized absence from work as I already have availed three authorized leaves from work due to my absence. To answer, I am writing this letter to excuse my unplanned sudden leave from work.

    On [date], when I went home from the office, I was feeling nauseous. Later, after my dinner, I had severe vomiting and diarrhea. There was unstoppable vomiting and dizziness. I was rushed to the hospital where I was not able to contact anyone. After spending one night on medication, I had an appointment with the gastroenterologist. He made some clinical observations and recommended medication. He asked me to take a rest however I was able to come to the office the next day.

    Therefore, I excuse for my absence from work yesterday. The day was important as our project team was responsible to present the idea to the client. I was the one who was asked to present. I am very sorry for the trouble caused by my uninformed absence. I shall be grateful if you understand and consider my excuse letter ample for an explanation.

    Thank you in anticipation.

    Excuse letter for absence due to medical checkup

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