Appreciation Letter to Doctor

Doctors save our lives. They are lifesavers and therefore, deserve appreciation every moment. As a matter of fact, the kind of treatment that gives us is so much for us that no type of gratitude seems to be enough for them. However, showing gratitude is the best way to appreciate the doctor as it encourages him a lot.

Giving treatment to the patient is a big responsibility and it is so devastating for the doctor to see that patient dying. Some doctors get disappointed and they need appreciation so that they can be back on their feet and continue performing their duties.

 Format of the appreciation letter to the doctor:

There is no specific format to be followed when it comes to writing the appreciation letter to the doctor. The person who is appreciating the doctor can write the letter in any format. However, if a proper format is followed, it increases the readability of the letter.

The content to be added to the appreciation letter must include the following details:

  1. The dates on which the patient was treated by the doctor should be specified. A doctor treats multiple patients at a time. Therefore, it is common for him to forget as to which patient is writing the appreciation letter. The name, as well as the date of the patient’s admission to the hospital, should be specified.
  2. A little information about the health problem that the patient was facing and the way the doctor treated it should be specified in the letter.
  3. Write the appreciation statement in the letter.

Tips for writing an appreciation letter to the doctor:

  1. Keep the letter short and precise
  2. Let the doctor know about the condition of the patient. If the patient has died, mention it in the letter
  3. Don’t write anything negative about the treatment
  4. Write the statement of gratitude in such a way that the doctor can feel motivated.

Sample letter

Dear Doctor [Name],

I would like to say thank you to you from myself and on behalf of my family for giving extra care to my sick father in a very professional way. My father, with the help of you, got so much courage to fight against cancer with bravery. He was in the last stage of cancer and he and our entire family were occupied by undue disappointment. It is because of you, that we got enough courage to face the situation.

My father passed away two days ago. However, we will never forget the way you took care of him and helped him live to the full in those dark days. Our entire family has spent a few last days of his life with him and we saw a spark in his eyes that was because of the additional strength that you gave to him. The medicine you prescribed also helped him get rid of excruciating pain. Thank you so much again for the help that you have given me in that tough time.

With best regards,


Daughter of the patient (Mr. Johnson)

Appreciation Letter to Doctor

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