Wallet Size Medication Record Card

In the medical sciences, many diseases have been discovered which have a really long course. Sometimes, these diseases span a lifetime. Though medical sciences have been successful in finding a cure for these long-term illnesses, the cure also requires patience and a lot of time. Some of the medications have to be taken for a long time. Examples of such medical illnesses are diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroidism, psoriasis, arthritis, and many others.

Chronic illnesses and long-term medications

Patients of such illnesses require a whole lot of motivation and will power for they have to take the medications for a lifetime. In such situations, people tend to be less compliant and forget their medications. Most of the medicines needed for the chronic medical illnesses require to be taken regularly and not a single dose can be missed during that process.

Improved compliance with a medication log

In such situations, people are advised to keep a log of all the medications they have to take. These logs help a lot in maintaining a regular record and in sticking to the medication. Some studies have shown that keeping a track or a log always gives better results than doing things randomly.


For example, when we exercise randomly without a log or a tracker, we tend to miss some days of exercise and eat a little more or unhealthy. But if we keep a little record in written form in the form of some mobile application, we feel we are more motivated and more on the track. As a result, we get faster and better results in terms of a fit body and weight loss. The same rule is applied to the medication logs.

Advantages of medication log

  1. Medication logs keep you on the track and make you take your medications in time, every time. So, as discussed earlier, improved compliance is the most important benefit of keeping a medication log.
  2. Another most important benefit of a medication log is that you never forget the name of the medication. Some medications are famous for their trade names and are better in their formulations. Plus, even the generic names are quite confusing. So, a medication record always has the proper name of the medicine which can never be dispensed wrong in case you have to buy another batch.
  3. Proper dose and time of the medication is another added advantage of a medication log. It happens especially in the initial days of medication that the proper dose and time of medication can’t be remembered easily. Dose and time of medication are so important that it acutely affects the manifestations of the disease. A classic example of such a situation is epilepsy.
  4. In epilepsy, we can never ever miss or change the dose of the drug especially in case of children and younger adults.

Wallet sized medication record

Wallet-sized medication records are printed for the purpose of keeping all the necessary information on the go. In a wallet-sized record, name of the drug, dose, and timings are properly mentioned along with the name and address of the doctor who prescribed.

Wallet size medication record card

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