Doctor Authorisation Letter for Birth Certificate

It is a rule of every state that to register the birth of every child. Therefore, it is deemed as the biggest responsibility of a child’s parents to register and get the birth certificate for their child so that their child can enjoy basic facilities that every citizen deserves to have.

When a child has a birth certificate, he can render the benefits that healthcare departments give to every citizen. When a child does not have a birth certificate, it means that he/she is not registered. Those healthcare services that are free for registered children are very expensive for those who are not registered. The children also get inheritance when they have a birth certificate to show and prove that they are the member of the same family and therefore, they have same rights to exercise that other siblings do.

Importance of doctor authentication letter for a birth certificate:

When parents need to apply for the birth certificate, they will have to provide some documents to the authorities issuing the birth certificate. One of the basic documents that they will be providing is the authorization letter written by a doctor. For this document, they are required to consult the doctor who delivered the baby. If the case is legitimate, the doctor will have no problem writing the authorization letter for a birth certificate.


What information does the doctor provide in the authorization letter?

It should be kept in mind that the basic objective of this letter is to authorize the concerned authorities to issue the birth certificate to the parents of the child. According to the rule of the state, the child who is given birth in that state is the citizen of that state. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the doctor to write the authorization letter.

This letter is very crucial as the child’s entire life depends on it. When concerned authorities see that the authorization has been given to the doctor, they come to know that the case is genuine. The basic details that are added to this letter are:

  1. The statement of authorization
  2. Name of the doctor
  3. Date of birth of a child
  4. Name of the hospital

The authorization letter for a birth certificate is written differently by different doctors. This is because every hospital has a different policy as to how the authorization statement will be given. Therefore, the content of this letter may vary from doctor to doctor. However, the message it conveys remains the same.

Sample letter


To whom it may concern

This letter is being written on behalf of hospital ABC to authorize the concerned authorities to issue the birth certificate to the child, who was born on 10th October 20XX. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson had a baby girl birth on 10th October 20XX. The hospital authenticates the birth of the child and therefore, allows the parents of the child to apply for a birth certificate. The concerned authorities also have permission to issue the birth certificate.

Doctor’s name:

Doctor’s department:

Name of hospital:

Doctor Authorisation Letter for Birth Certificate

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