Annual Weight Loss Tracker

Weight loss for prevention of serious systemic diseases

Starting a weight loss journey is the best decision one takes in his lifetime. Weight is directly associated with the health of people and the importance of weight loss can never be justified even after so much of research and public awareness.

A lot of diseases are associated directly with just weight gain and almost all of them can be prevented by mere weight loss. Studies have shown that the side effects or complications of many systemic illnesses like diabetes and hypertension can be easily prevented or delayed by having a proper healthy lifestyle leading to weight loss.

Weight loss for a positive and healthy body

Apart from other health benefits, weight loss affects our mind in a really healthy way. Studies and research data show that regular exercise early in the morning is one of the most effective ways to combat stress. It works as a mood booster and makes us ready to complete all the tasks whether at work or at home.


Annual weight loss tracker

  • When you begin a weight loss journey towards a health body and healthy mind, you always begin with baby steps. Day one matters the most as this is the beginning of your amazing walk towards health. After the first day, you need to go through every day making it a week, a month and then a year. This is the ideal approach towards weight loss journey.
  • Expecting results in a day or a month is very unrealistic and unhealthy. It is always recommended that we make a yearly plan and break it down into smaller pieces to get better results. This technique helps us keep motivated and keep us going through the tiny steps we take.
  • Let’s see what an annual weight loss tracker contains for us while we continue our journey towards healthy weight loss.
  • So the overall summary of the tracker is that it consists of twelve portions one for each month. Each month is broken down into four or five weeks and we are supposed to enter the weight gain or weight lost at the end of each week. We sum it up at the end of each month and at the end of the year, we know how much we have lost or gained. This is the way which tells us about the overall performance during a weight loss journey.
  • Another important aspect of an annual weight loss tracker is that it gives us reminder at the end of every week and every month. This way, we don’t get distracted for a longer period of time saving all the previous energy we exerted in the past month or week.

Staying motivated is the key to successful weight loss and keeping a journal or a tracker makes this motivation even more encouraging and keeps us focused. End result of such trackers .

Annual weight loss tracker

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