Child Growth Tracker

Growth and development are the two pillars of a child’s good health. Growth and development are two different mechanisms that are happening parallel to each other and in many circumstances, are interchanging their roles.

By development, we mean the physical, mental, and psychological development of the baby and growth refers to only a part of the development. But, we can’t deny the fact that growth is the most essential part of the child’s health because it is the growth that determines the fate of normal and healthy development.

Importance of growth and development

 Growth and development make up the basis of a child’s mental growth and makes him enabled to perform all the functions well.

If a child is growing at a good speed and has good health, only then he can compete in his studies and extracurricular activities. These activities and active participation by a child at an early stage determine whether this child is going to do well in life or not.

So, it is always very important that we take care of the proper growth of the child especially during his growing years when mind and body both want to grow at an exponential rate.

Tracking of the growth of a child

  • Keeping the above views in mind, it is really important that we keep a record of the baby’s growth right from the beginning. If we closely observe and want to know the importance of track record, we will come to know that the baby’s growth tracking begins in the womb of the mother. Through the help of ultrasound, a doctor is always interested in knowing the interval growth of the child. This helps in the determination of the child’s mode of delivery and necessary measures to be taken if needed.
  • After a child is born, his physical parameters are measured which is again a source of great information for the parents and the doctor to determine whether the baby needs special arrangements and food to make up for his later life.
  • This is the reason growth tracking is always used and kept a record for each and every child so that we know that the child is doing well or he needs special care and measures.

Growth tracker

  • Now, we will discuss how a growth chart is interpreted. If you just had your first baby, you will be more interested to know the growth chart and its little details so that you can know how to keep a record of the baby’s growth over time.
  • So, first of all, you add the name of the child, his date of birth and sex is also important to know. If possible, you can add the weight and height of the baby at the time of birth.
  • After that, you begin tracking the growth of the baby by measuring the height, weight, head circumference, and growth parameters and writing them down in front of the date you did all the measurements. Don’t forget to mention the age of the baby with each measurement because it is used to compare with the normal growth charts and percentiles are settled.
Child growth tracker template

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