APGAR Newborn Scoring Chart

APGAR Scorning Charts

The process of birth is a stressful and painful process not just for you but for the baby as well. As soon as the baby is born the doctor performs some simple tests to evaluate if the baby endured the process normally and is ready to enter the world or is special and intensive care is required to strengthen the baby. In layman’s terms these tests are just physical examination of checking the vitals of the baby right after the birth and then again within first few minutes. Technically the test is know as the APGAR test , this test checks the following criteria:

  • Appearance; the healthy child is pinkish but if the Appearance of the baby is bluish that means there is something wrong.
  • Pulse; the normal pulse rate should be more than 100 beats per minute if other wise is recorded then that is another red flag.
  • Grimace; this records how quick and strongly the baby responded to foreign stimulus and cried.
  • Activity; the baby should be moving limbs to show normal birth
  • Respiration; if the cry of the baby is strong then that means the respiratory system is normal.



APGAR  newborn scoring chartThese tests are graded as per set criteria and the score of the baby decides if the baby’s birth process was healthy and normal or the baby might have developed a syndrome or condition that need attention. If your baby’s score is not up to the mark then further tests might be advised.

The chart that stores the above mention detailed test scores and remarks is known as the newborn scoring chart.



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