Travel Declaration Form for COVID-19

The world has drastically changed ever since the pandemic kicked in. COVID-19 is a highly infectious disease that spreads from person to person so easily. These days, every country is trying to fight the pandemic and protect its citizens from the complications arising from contracting the virus. To do this, various policies have also been devised. Some very important and strict policies have been imposed on those who travel from one country to another. Usually, they need to prove that their presence in another country they are heading to is not dangerous.

What is the travel declaration form?

This form is used to obtain information about those people who want to enter another country, state, or building. The use of a travel declaration form is a kind of preventive measure for those who fear contracting the coronavirus and, therefore, try to protect themselves and others.

As the name suggests, the travel declaration form is for those who have recently traveled. It is very risky these days to travel because most people contract this virus when they move from one place to another, especially via public transport. So, those who travel are required to have filled out the declaration form.

When to use the travel declaration form?

This form is to be used when you see certain people who have recently traveled, and there is a possibility that they might have gotten the infection. For example, if you are running an educational academy and people join you from different cities who have traveled to your academy from their cities, they should be asked to fill out the declaration form first.

How do I create this form?

Finally, you have found that you need to use the travel declaration form, and now that you want to create it, you should follow the guidelines given below:

Divide it into sections:

The form usually collects information about various aspects. So, the distinction is important. For instance, in one section, you might be asking about the personal details of the person, and in the next section, you might need to ask about the travel details. So, every section needs to be kept distinct. For this purpose, dividing the form into various sections is important.

Details of the visitor:

The primary details are usually gathered in the very first section of the form. So, there should be empty fields in this form collecting details such as the name of the visitor, the reason for his visit, the date he traveled last time, and some other personal details.

Collect details about symptoms:

The purpose of the declaration form is to know how likely it is for the visitor to have been infected by the coronavirus. So, collect all those details that you might need to ascertain if the visitor should be allowed to enter or not. You can make a checklist of all the symptoms of the coronavirus, such as flu, fever, etc.

Collect more details for confirmation:

We all know that having or not having symptoms is not a surefire way to determine if the visitor is infected or not. So, we can ask some more questions other than about symptoms. For example, there are some countries in which the virus has spread too much. You can ask the visitor if he or his immediate relatives have visited that country, which is the hotspot of the virus these days. To be more concise, you can ask him if the visit was in the last 15 days.

Leave some space for dates and signatures.

At the end of the form, the visitor should be asked to take down his signature along with the date of filling out the form. This information is kept in the record as it allows the organization and state to keep track of daily statistics.


A travel declaration form template is software that generates the form automatically when the user opens it. The purpose of this template is to make it easy for every organization to inspect every visitor before they enter and become the cause of spreading the infection. Creating the form can be cumbersome. Using the template is, therefore, recommended.

Travel Declaration Form for COVID-19

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