Multiple Patient Vital Sign Flow Sheet

The Health field has always been the backbone of human history. Diseases have been the true companions of humankind since he came into existence. As a matter of fact, diseases always were there even before mankind set foot on this earth.

But we are here to discuss the diseases, disabilities, and health issues of humankind that led them to discover new ways. New ways to fight the sufferings brought upon the human flesh. We learned to fight infections, know about diseases and their cure; we learned how to heal after an injury. Now, we can all witness how far we have come, and we humans can be utterly proud of what we have achieved so far in the health field.

But if we closely follow the pattern, we notice one thing that has always been consistent among physicians and great doctors of all eras and ages. The record of the function of the vital organs tells a lot about the health of the patient. We call it vital signs.

What are vital signs?

Vital signs are the measurements of the function of vital organs in the human body. They include blood pressure which tells a lot of information about the cardiac activity and function of the heart. Pulse is also an important part of the vital signs. The respiratory rate is also an important vital sign because it not only tells about the normally functioning lungs but also a lot about the general functioning of the human body. Human body temperature is also a vital sign and so is oxygen saturation.

I mean especially after the Covid 19 pandemic, who wouldn’t know about the normal oxygen saturation levels in this world???

Multiple Patient Vital Sign Sheet

Well, I guess we have established the importance of the vital signs and the chart sheets still used in all the health facilities of the entire world. There are vital sign sheets that can be used for several patients. These are called multiple patient vital signs sheets.

Multiple patient vital signs sheet is a sheet that basically aims to record the vital signs of more than one patient. Well, the name is self-explanatory, but we need to know the usage of these sheets. Generally, all the record sheets of this sort are specific to one patient at one time. The multiple-patient vital signs sheet has numbers and columns specially designed for more than one patient.

Such sheets are used in an ICU ward, critically ill patients, and setups where there is a disaster. We need to be as compact as possible in such situations and gather as much information about all the patients as possible. A vital signs sheet comes in handy in these specific situations and helps us to record the vital signs of many patients in a single sheet. We can simply look at the sheet and get to know which patient is doing well and which needs more attention and care.

Multiple patient vital sign flow sheet template

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