Request Letter to Doctor for Medical Certificate

What is a request letter for medical certificate?

Any person working as an employee in a company is required to have a medical certificate that he can submit in an attempt to show that he has been recommended by a doctor to take a rest. So, getting a medical certificate is important. The easiest and most common way to get this certificate is to write a request letter to your doctor and ask him to issue the medical certificate. It does not take much time for the doctor. However, you are required to make a request.

When to write the request letter to the doctor?

The medical certificate is needed only when you want to take a break for a week or more from your office. In some situations, the person remains absent from work and when he returns, he is asked to submit the medical certificate to prove that he had been very sick. Whenever you need to give proof of your sickness for justifying the leave you are applying for, you will have to request your healthcare provider for this act of kindness.

Many times, students are also required to request their doctor because their educational institute wants them to submit the medical certificate. A medical certificate is a kind of a document that is only issued by the doctor. Therefore, you will have to seek the assistance of the doctor whenever you need to get the certificate.


Tips for writing the request for a medical certificate:

  1. Give your introduction in the letter
  2. Mention the date on which the doctor gave you the recommendation
  3. Tell him how important it is to for you to have a medical certificate
  4. Make a formal request to issue the certificate.

Sample letter:


To: (generally the hospital authority)

Subject: Request for issuance of medical certificate

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am Mrs. Johnson, your patient of cardiovascular diseases at ABC hospital for the last few months. I visited you two weeks ago with a slight pain in the chest. You conducted some tests and then asked me to admit to the hospital. I was discharged from the hospital after one day. However, you recommended me to take a rest for two weeks before I get back to the work.

It is important to mention here that I am a working lady and my job necessitates it for me that I submit a medical certificate issued by my medical practitioner to get a leave of two weeks.

Therefore, I am writing this letter to request you to issue me the medical certificate that will be helpful for me in getting the leave of two weeks for bed rest. Please mention my report results and the reason why I should take a rest in the medical certificate so that my employer can understand my situation well. I will be very thankful to you for your act of kindness.

With warm regards,

Your name:

Your address:

Name of the company where you work:

Your signature:

Request Letter to Doctor for Medical Certificate

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