Body Fat Percentage Calculator

Measuring body fats is important if you are weight conscious. Fats are important for the body as they are the essential part that your body utilizes when it goes into starvation mode. However, if these fats exceed a specific limit, they start to create many problems such as diabetes, heart disease, etc.

What is a body fat percentage calculator?

It is a simple tool that is used to calculate the number of fats a person has in his body. This gives plenty of information to the users about their health.

It is very important to make sure that your body has a very optimal level of fats stored in it. There is a scale attached to it that indicates your BMI depending on how much you weigh.

There is no specific number that can be used to show how much fat there should be stored in the body since it depends on various factors. The body fat percentage calculator takes many factors into account before calculating the ratio of body to fat. These factors include:

Gender of the user:

Any person who uses this calculator has to specify their gender as the body mass to fats ratio is different depending on the gender. Body mass index has different ranges for describing the weight because fats requirements of the body in males and females are different.


If you want to see whether you have an ideal mass-to-fats ratio or you lie below or above that range, you will have to consider your age also. For instance, people over 50 have a different range because their bodies cannot process fats as better as young people. Similarly, young people are more active and so they have a different range to see where their BMI lies.


The calculator cannot indicate if you are overweight, underweight, or normal without knowing your weight. Therefore, you should provide your weight number to this calculator also. Make sure that you use an appropriate unit for accurate calculation. Usually, the calculator does mention in which unit you need to weigh yourself and put the value in the empty field of the calculator.


Mentioning your weight only can never indicate how much your body mass index is. Therefore, you also need to mention your height in centimeters or inches.

Some fat percentage tools also require the users to mention their waistline. However, it is not important.  The calculator has a formula integrated into it which is used to calculate the percentage of fats and describes whether a user is within healthy weight ranges or lies below or above it.

What are the benefits of the body fats calculator?

Benefits are given below…

It indicates how healthy a person is:

The body mass index describes how healthy a person is. When you use the calculator, it gives you the result in the form of a percentage which you can match from the scale to see how healthy you are. Depending on the reading, you can decide to lose, gain or maintain your weight.

It indicates how much you should lose or gain:

Since the scale mentions the ideal weight and fat percentage depending on the information you provided to the calculator, you can easily compare the current percentage with the ideal percentage and then you will be able to figure out how many kilos or pounds you are required to gain or shed.

It enables you to reach fitness goals:

To reach fitness goals, you are required to be conscious about the ratio of fats and muscles in your body. When you use the calculator to determine your current fat percentage, it becomes easy for you to reach your fitness goals since you can easily see how you are progressing toward your goals and which areas of the body you need to focus on.

It helps you control your disease:

People with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are required to control their weight because more fats cause insulin resistance as well as blockage of arteries and veins. Such people are advised by their doctors to keep their fat percentage in check so that they can keep their disease under control.

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