Pre-Employment Physical Fitness Form

Whenever we apply for a job, we have to undergo a number of examinations and evaluations. Our employers are not just interested in knowing the professional qualification we possess or the skills we have developed. They are also interested in knowing our health status. This is to know how much health we possess to perform our duties well besides other technical reasons.

Why is the physical examination required?

It is required for

  • Assessing the ability of the candidate for a physically demanding job
  • Prevention of communicable diseases to other employees
  • Some employers offer insurance to their employees, they want to make sure they are investing in a healthy person.

Pre-employment physical form

A piece of information is to be filled in by the physician who is taking an examination on behalf of the company/employer. All the information is written in a form that makes it easy to evaluate and decide the fate of the candidate at a glance.

Basic information on the form

Basic information about the applicant is mentioned in the first portion of the form. His name, address, contact number, email, date of birth, gender, ethnicity, height, and weight are all mentioned in the initial space of the form. Along with the information of the primary physician who is taking the physical examination.

Designation/job title

It is vital to mention the job title or the type of job for which this examination is being held. This information is important because the same employer hires many people for different job types and for the sake of identity and accurate procedures, all relevant things are to be mentioned carefully to avoid any confusion later.

This portion of the form also includes information about the previous job and its employer. It is good to mention a brief introduction to previous jobs as well.

Presenting complaints/symptoms

Most of the time, this portion is not properly answered by the applicant and the physician has to dig out the necessary information he needs to know. For example, any signs of nausea, vomiting, fever, dizziness, cough or chest pain, weight loss or weight gain hearing or vision impairment, any signs of joint pains, or any other information that can be taken out from the applicant.

Medical history

In this portion, we ask about the current and past medical history of the candidate and his /her routine and activity level. His current exercise, eating and sleeping habits, and any illness in the past are all mentioned in necessary detail. He is also asked about the surgical history, any fall or injury, and the method of treatment along with its duration is mentioned.

Vaccination history

A very important part of any pre-employment physical examination form is vaccination history. It is important to know if the person is properly vaccinated against important infectious diseases. In case he is not, he may either be vaccinated after screening or can be rejected on the basis of being a carrier of any infectious disease.

History of occupational hazards

This is important for the employer for the reason he can facilitate his employee in case he can assist. He is asked if he can perform certain job functions and if the candidate needs equipment against any occupational hazard.

Pre-Employment Physical Fitness Form

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