Medical Excuse Letter for Academics & Workplace

Subject: Letter of Excuse for Absence [student name and roll number]

Dear [principal name], I am writing this letter with a heavy heart to inform you that [name of the student and roll number], a student of [mention class and section], shall be absent from school from [mention date] due to a decline in his/her health.

As much as I don’t want my child to miss school work and lag behind in studies, I have no option but to make [student name] stay home and recover. It is of utmost importance for him/her to stay home during this period of recovery and focus on receiving the necessary medical care to regain his/her strength. After a lot of confusion about the cause of his/her deteriorating health, he/she has finally been correctly diagnosed and is believed to be suffering from [mention diagnosis]. This diagnosis is made by our family doctor, [doctor name], from [mention hospital name], and a medical certificate is attached for your reference.

As per doctor [mention doctor name], [student name] will need a break from school for approximately [mention number of days/weeks].

I understand the importance of regular attendance at school and how absence can negatively affect a student’s grade. In this regard, I would request the school to email me the daily classwork and homework so I can ensure [student name] catches up on missed assignments and coursework during this period.

I request your understanding and support in granting [student name] this sick leave to facilitate his/her recovery without any academic loss. We are hopeful that, with proper rest and medical attention [student name] will have a speedy recovery. I will keep you updated regarding [student name] progress and as soon as the doctor deems it fit for him/her to return to school I shall present a note from the doctor.

Kindly do not hesitate to email me if you need any further information or clarification for [student name] sick leave. As concerned parents, we are committed to ensuring that our child gets well and resumes regular school to continue to learn and grow.

[Mention school name] has always been very cooperative and supportive in whatever issues I’ve faced in the past and I thank you for being cooperative and understanding in this matter as well.

Parent/Guardian name

Medical excuse letter for student



Subject: Medical Excuse Letter for Sick Leave

Dear [employer name],

I regret to inform you of my deteriorating health condition and request a sick leave from work.

Having been an employee of [mention company name] for fifteen years, you would be aware of my commitment and dedication to my work. As much as I try to avoid taking leaves of any sort, due to the burden they cause to the team, I have no option but to take a sick leave.

Due to being diagnosed with [mention illness], I have been under the care of [mention doctor name], working at [mention hospital name]. Since this condition is feared to be contagious, Dr. [mention the doctor’s name] has strictly advised me to take some time off from work and fully recover before joining work so I may not spread the illness to my colleagues.

I am fully aware of my responsibilities at [company name], and I would like to assure you that I am always committed to fulfilling them to the best of my abilities. However, my current health condition poses a risk to not only my health but to the health of those working around me as well.

For this reason, I request that you grant me sick leave for [mention days or weeks] starting from [mention date]. I have made arrangements with my colleagues, and during my absence, my responsibilities shall be taken by [mention name], and all urgent matters shall be addressed promptly. I assure you that no deadlines will be missed, and neither will the quality of the team’s work be affected by my absence.

I will keep you updated regarding my health progress and am attaching a health certificate regarding my absence from work. I will return to work as soon as my doctor gives me clearance to resume work.

I am ever grateful for your understanding and cooperation in this matter. Kindly do not hesitate to contact me if there are any formalities I need to follow or if there is any supporting document I need to submit.

I appreciate your support during this challenging time, and I look forward to returning to [mention company name] in good health and spirit.


[Employee name]

Medical excuse letter for workplace

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