Condolence Letter from Doctor

Condolence letters are essential in our daily life when we have different relationships and we feel that people who are valuable to us bear a loss. In the professional world, condolence letters are equally important. These letters show that humanity comes first and then any other business dealing. Therefore, you must write a condolence letter when people from your fraternity bear a loss and you know that they need a few words of sympathy.

As a doctor, writing a condolence letter is even more important because the doctor usually has a direct relationship with the person who died. Many doctors get so devastated after hearing the news of their patient’s death and they take it as a personal failure. However, they should remain positive and write a condolence letter to the family of that patient to show that he is equally aggrieved by this terrible loss.

How to write a condolence letter from a doctor?

A doctor is someone from whom people have lots of expectations. Therefore, the doctor should be cautious while writing the condolence letter. The doctor should show care while using every word in the letter. Here are a few tips that can be followed while writing this condolence letter:

  1. The condolence letter should not be more than a page in length. Try to keep it short.
  2. It is better to write the letter by hand as it shows more feelings than a typed letter.
  3. While writing the condolence letter, the first thing that you need to do is acknowledge the loss. When you acknowledge the loss, you make the recipient feel that you understand the loss.
  4. Talk about some personal good qualities of the patient that you found in him and miss about him.
  5. Tell the recipient that you are sad about this loss and you have spent quality time with the patient.

Sample letter

Subject:  Condolence on [X]

Respected Mr. ABC,

I am very saddened to learn about the death of Mr. Johnson. I can understand that as a daughter, this is a huge loss for you. Please accept my condolence and sympathies for this unbearable loss. Although his death brought a huge grievance for you, please remember that you are not alone in this testing time.

As a regular physician of Mr. Johnson, I will always miss him because of his many best qualities. He was a very jolly person who had a unique art of staying happy and keeping everyone happy with his extraordinary sense of humor. He was full of life and had a hope to live more.

He fought against his illness with bravery and I saw him mustering up the courage even in the last few days of his life. I also admire how he searched for all the available options and went for the best one because he wanted to live. Johnson was a great human being. He will always be in my prayers and memories.

With warm regards,

Doctor ABC,


Condolence Letter from Doctor

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