Care Center Diaper Chart

Taking care of a baby is a very tedious task especially when you are answerable for that. Taking care of someone’s baby is a huge responsibility especially if there are a number of baby’s.

A daycare Center or baby care center is a place where a number of babies are looked after and in such places, it is difficult to remember how much and how often each baby was fed or changed. Maintaining a diaper chart at a care center serves a number of purposes.

It helps the management of the center to prepare the budget for their diaper purchase according to the demand, it helps the baby to be potty trained and it helps the parents to know that their baby was properly looked after in terms of being properly fed and changed.


The care center diaper chart displays the following data :

  • The name of the caregiver
  • Name of each baby
  • The weight of each baby is written against his/her name
  • The age of each baby is written against his/her name
  • Date when the chart sheet was prepared
  • The time when each diaper change was performed is written against the name of the respective baby
  • The reason for the change e.g. pee or stool
  • The total number of diapers used by each baby each day
  • Total number of diapers used by each baby per month
  • The sum of all the diapers used in the care center every day
  • The sum of all the diapers used in the care center per month

A well maintained and detail chart shows the professionalism and efficiency of the care center and boosts the confidence of the parents in the caregivers of their babies.

Care center diaper chart

Care Center Diaper Chart
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