Abortion Letter from Doctor

An abortion letter from a doctor is a letter written by a doctor or a healthcare professional for his/her patient. It is usually addressed to the employer of the patient. However, it can be addressed in the educational institute as well, where the patient is studying. In this letter, the doctor informs and confirms the patient’s abortion. His evidence and his being a witness are important, as he is deemed a responsible professional.

When a woman goes through an abortion, she does not only suffer in physical terms but mental terms as well. Physically, her body has gone through a huge procedure, which makes it extremely weak. In addition, losing a child is not easy, and hence, mental suffering cannot be ignored. She needs time to relax and calm down, for which she needs time off work, so applies for leave.

The patient or employee can use this letter from the doctor to make her case strong as well as convince the employer for granting her a paid leave. In certain cases, the employers demand the abortion letter from the doctor as a required document to process the abortion or medical leave.

This letter is usually concise but includes all the relevant details. The additional information is provided in the form of the attached documents. The general details included in an abortion letter from the doctor are:

  • Date.
  • Doctor’s information.
  • Patient information.
  • Employer or organization information, if applicable.
  • The case of abortion, including the date, hospital name, the reason for abortion, etc.
  • Effects of abortion, both physical and mental.
  • Request for leave for your patient, including the duration of leave, the necessity of it, etc.
  • Seek support for the patient.
  • Mention the relevant evidence in the form of the attached documents.
  • Offer further assistance.
  • Salutation, stamp, and signature.

This letter is kept as a record with the doctor as well as the employer and can be used for any future reference.

Sample Abortion Letter from Doctor




To whom it may concern,

It is to inform you that Ms. Emily John had an abortion on 5th January 2030 at ABC Hospital.

Ms. John has been my patient for three years. After several treatments, she finally conceived, but it was a complicated pregnancy. Even after all the due care, the fetus was not growing properly, and we had no option, but to abort the baby in the 8th month of her pregnancy.

Right now, she is not physically and mentally fit to come to work, and I have suggested she rest for at least a month, i.e. the month of January 2030. Her physical health is poor, and she is not able to comfortably walk and do other things. Also, she is suffering mentally as well after losing her child.

It would be kind of you to grant her leave and support her in this difficult time.

I have attached all the relevant documents with this letter. If you need any information, you can contact me at [X]. Thank you.


Dr. Stacy William.

Fake abortion letter from doctor

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