Text Message to Doctor for an Appointment


Please consider this message to book my appointment with you on [mention date] due to a migraine. I have been facing this issue for the past three days and no medicine is reducing my pain. I feel as if someone is striking my head on the wall. I am unable to concentrate on office work due to the intensity of the pain. I have been referred by Dr. Steward to consult you. It is my humble request to you to please confirm my appointment for the mentioned date. I will visit you with my previous medical reports and physician’s notes. Thank you for considering my request.


I am Julian and on [mention date] I had an appointment with you. Due to an unavoidable situation, I cannot make it to visit you and I am sorry for this. I am writing this message to reschedule an appointment on [mention date]. On [mention date] I have an important meeting to attend and I cannot miss it. I know this will cause inconvenience in your schedule and I am extremely apologetic for this. I hope you will understand my situation and will give me a slot.


I am writing this message to take an appointment with Dr. Mehmat on [mention date] due to food poisoning.  At a family gathering, I over ate and it resulted in vomiting many times. I had taken antibiotics but it was of no use and currently I am feeling very lethargic. I have not been to my workplace for two days due to this. I cannot even perform basic house chores. Therefore, I want an immediate appointment with you. I request you to consider my request as it would be a great favor for me.


I hope you have been doing great. This message is a formal request to have an appointment with you for my muscle problem. I am having this issue for the past few days and it is increasing day by day. I am taking vitamin capsules but I am still feeling lethargic. I want to have a proper checkup in this regard to know its root cause. My friend has recommended I visit you as you are one of the best neurologists in the town. I will visit you along with my blood test reports and previous medical history. Kindly let me know what other things I need to bring on the appointment date. Thanking in anticipation.


This message is being written to ask Dr. Elizabeth for an appointment on [mention date]. I am her regular patient and visit her for my herniated disc. She had asked me to come for a follow-up after three weeks. I need to visit her as soon as possible as yesterday I fell down the stairs. I am not now in a position to stand properly. Therefore, I request you give me tomorrow’s date for a checkup. It would be great favor from your side.


I am Sidney Carton, a student in 12th grade. I am having anxiety and depression for some time due to an unknown fear. This fear has occupied my mind completely and despite making many possible efforts I am not coming out of this. I have watched many motivational videos regarding this but it also works only for a few minutes. This fear has jammed up my mind and college routine. I remain isolated all day thinking about the unknown fear. I want to get rid of this situation and want you to help me in this regard. I have heard a lot about you and I request you to please give me the appointment date soon.


I am Sherick Twin and penning this message to request an appointment. I have a backache issue which has become very problematic for me. I work as a sales manager and my work routine demands me to sit all day dealing with customers. As a result, I got this issue. I cannot sit now for continuous hours and it is badly impacting my work routine. I am on two weeks’ leave and therefore I request you to give me tomorrow’s date for an appointment. Please let me know through email the confirmation message. I would be grateful to you for taking into account my request.

Text message to doctor for an appointment

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