Diagnosis Note from Psychologist

Note #1

I am Madrid Ceslis working as a psychologist consultant at ABC Institute.  Sylvia Austin has been taking my sessions for the past few months because of insane indications. She observes unusual happening and feels the presence of dead ones around her. While using the mobile she observes as if things are coming out of the mobile to kill her. All this has damaged her mental health badly and she is not paying proper attention to anything. 

She has been diagnosed with this schizophrenia disorder after her mother’s death. She does not feel comfortable in public places and for this reason she is avoiding coming to school. Her situation can get better if she is provided with a relaxed environment and complete rest.

Note #2

Nancy David is my regular patient, and I am treating her for the past six months. She has some mental ruination, and it comes under the category of disability as per the country’s infirmity act.

I have a complete understanding of her situation and treating her for this. She cannot apprehend what’s happening in her surroundings and is unable to cope with her family. She needs moral motivation to come out of this disability. She will remain under my care till she gets fully recovered.

Her weekly evaluation report will prove immensely helpful in estimating how much the damage has been recovered. It will take her three months to apprehend her surroundings. I would answer all the queries related to her and you can ask me at any time.

Note #3

I hope everything is good on your side. I am Suresh Nandi; head of ABC Institute and Michael has been my regular patient for anxiety disorders. He works as a salesperson in your organization and his mental health is deteriorating due to personal issues. Due to this he cannot concentrate on the work and needs adequate time to rest. Attached with the letter is his current report and you can guess how all this has affected his brain. He will be back to work on [mention date] and I request you relieve him.

Note #4

I am Dr. Raphael from City’s Institute and writing this message for Miss Marie who has been diagnosed with several mental disorders. The CEO of ABC Organization has asked me to give him the details of Marie’s health situation. This message serves the same purpose and I have taken four sessions with the patient. The final report has been made after four sessions which entails comprehensive details of his health. His thought pattern is unequivocal and there is paucity in his dissemination.

He has been diagnosed with anxiety disorders, trauma, and inherent disorderliness. The report has been made after a thorough examination and different tests was made to get the desired results. for more queries, you can contact me through email.

Note #5

I am writing this note on behalf of my patient Steward who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, depression, and disarrayed behavior. He cannot be declared fit mentally and he needs proper treatment to come on the right track.

He had been under clinical investigation for some days after which it was reported that his mental health is not stable. He is struggling with a lot of battles in his mind, and they can only be treated with intense care and consultancy. He will also need medication to build robustness.

His susceptible behavior can be brought to normalization with continuous sessions. The report has been made after complete medical scrutiny and any error can be of typing. However, the patient needs three weeks of rest with medication and extra care. Any queries regarding this can be asked through email.

Note #6

I am Ramsay David working as Psychologist in the ABC organization. This message serves to inform you Alexander’s mental health that has been deteriorating due to severe depression and anxiety. He has been diagnosed with delusions and a mental disorder. He needs immediate consultancy sessions as any carelessness can lead to serious health issues. He cannot perform physical activities until he gets recovered completely.

I have devised three months plan for him that will assist him a lot in regaining mental health. I have recommended two weeks’ leave from [mention date] to [mention date]. your cooperation will be highly regarded in this regard.

Diagnosis Note (letter) from Psychologist

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