Seizure Action Plan Form

Students with any type of disorder or health condition need special care whenever they stay away from their homes for a bit longer. Usually, they spend most of their time at a school or college where they are enrolled. So, guardians and the administration of the school have to make sure that the child does not suffer while being away from home.

In addition, it is also important to note that kids with any special health condition are often not able to say what they are feeling. Therefore, they need more attention and care from school than any other child studying there.

What is a seizure action plan form?

A seizure action plan form is a document that is used by educational institutes to support those students who have a history of epilepsy. It becomes difficult to manage a person with seizures, and people around them often panic, not knowing what exactly they need to do.

To cope with this problem, schools and colleges fill out a form filled out by the healthcare practitioner or the parents of the students.

The top reasons to use the seizure action plan form are:

It helps in data collection and preparedness.

When a school has come to know that one of its students has a history of epilepsy and needs special attention, it would like to know how to do it. In other words, the school will need to practice preparedness to make sure that the child does not face any trouble or delay in treatment when he is having seizures at any particular time.

The form helps the school in the collection of the data, which can consequently help them be prepared for what they see coming. 

They can provide individualized care.

There can be many students suffering from epilepsy, and every person’s needs and treatment plan will differ from another. Every student has different types of needs, and the needs vary depending on the age, gender, physician’s treatment plan, and whatnot.

To meet the needs of every student, the school needs an individualized treatment plan because it is risky to devise one action plan for every person. Therefore, a form is created that asks people to come forward and fill it up in such a way that it helps the management of the school handle the situation of every individual.

The school can ensure timely intervention by:

Those who have never dealt with someone with seizures may not know what to do at that moment to make sure that the patient does not suffer a long-term loss. For this purpose, people surrounding such persons should know how to intervene and what they should do.

When they are trained and well-informed, they can intervene promptly and save the student from a severe attack of epilepsy. In some cases, timely intervention also prevents the attack as taking the right steps at the right time is something we all need to do. 

What are the sections of the form for seizures?

Typically, this form includes the following elements:

Details of the student:

The details of the person for whom the form is being filled should be given in this form. This will help the school in quick identification of the student and giving necessary treatment will be easier. 

History of epilepsy:

This part of the form collects information on the history of seizure attacks a student has had. The treatment that was administered to the student is also recorded in this form. This helps a school know what level of patient they are dealing with. 

Details of the physician:

The school also knows the doctor who is treating the student as it is easy for it to reach him and get advice on treating the patient in school. 

Emergency actions:

If there is an emergency, the actions to be taken including the person to be contacted should be mentioned in this form. 

List of medications:

A list of medicines the student is already taking to deal with his medical condition is mentioned in this form with the correct dosage. Symptoms to look out for before administering the medicine are also mentioned in the form.

Seizure Action Plan Form template

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