Bathroom Activity Tracker

Humankind is blessed to have been the most evolved form of its origins. The human mind and body are capable of learning a great deal with their experiences and training. A newborn that was once unable to change his clothes becomes a policy maker, and researcher and explores the world with his wonderfully evolved mind and body.

Since birth, nobody learned from every adult activity that we have. Everyone goes through the process of learning. There are some habits and activities which are taught to human beings as children and then they perform these activities like their reflexes.

Bathroom activities

Bathroom activities include urinary and bowel habits, face washing, hand washing, brushing the teeth, showering, etc. These activities are among the basic activities of one’s personal habits. A normal human being begins to learn these bathroom activities in his early childhood. It begins with basic teeth brushing and washing hands and face.

With the passage of time, children are potty trained so that they become independent of their parents’ assistance. By the age of 5, a child must be able to carry out all the bathroom activities on his own. If the child is not able to perform these duties somehow, he or she must be evaluated for the cause.

Similarly, there are some patients who are unable to perform these bathroom activities. Such patients are either critically ill patients or post-operative patients who have undergone major abdominal and other surgeries.

These patients need special attention and assistance in their bathroom activities either by a nurse or someone from the family. Whoever takes care of such patients needs to understand the importance of assisting the patient and also the need to record these activities to know if the patient is healing and improving at a better rate or not.

Bathroom activity tracker

Bathroom activity trackers are used for a number of purposes. They can be used in little children who need potty training. Post-operative patients are also evaluated through these bathroom activity trackers because we don’t want to leave the patient in distress or obstruction.

Similarly, patients with any sort of neurological or psychiatric illness may also need this kind of tracker to help the doctor have a clear idea of the progress of the patient or otherwise, the condition of the patient not improving with medicines.

The bathroom activity tracker used for potty training the kids is quite simple and it does not require much explanation. The name and age of the kid are mentioned in the chart along with the frequency of his passing stools and urine. These two are given a separate column. If parents plan to train the kid for an incoming time of passing urine or stool, they mention the time when they have to take the child to the washroom.

Post-operative patients or other patients are tracked for bathroom activities in a similar way where their age and the surgery performed on them are mentioned. Otherwise, their diagnosis is mentioned at the top of the tracker.

Bathroom activity tracker template

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