Two Person Weight Loss Tracker

When it comes to losing weight and working out, motivation is the most important foundation in achieving your goals. You can’t keep moving if you do not feel like getting up and drinking those two glasses of warm water with lemon and kick start your day with a good dose of a workout.

Motivation mostly comes from within, but it is definitely affected by external factors from time to time. Losing weight is a really long-term process and it requires an even more real dose of motivation that too for every day.

Being regular and motivated and following your diet and exercise plan is a real hard work and definitely results are only shown by consistency.


So, the question is, from where do we get this motivation? Where do we get this daily dose of encouragement and keep going on the track towards our goal?

There are many ways which help you in staying motivated in your weight loss journey. Internet is full of such information and many experts stress on keep trying different ways of staying motivated. If one way of motivation seems to start getting ineffective, you must switch to another way. Baseline is that you must hold on to keep trying. Never give up.

Weight loss journey with in groups- More effective way of weight loss

In my opinion, the most effective way of motivation and achieving real results is joining with a partner. When you start your weight loss journey with a partner, your energy and motivation level get multiplied manifolds.

If one person somehow loses his motivation someday, the second one pushes him up and takes him to the gym or force feeds him the healthy food. This way every day is spent with staying on your track.

Motivation is contagious and so is laziness. But, if two persons are determined to achieve one goal, it becomes a strong team and you never miss your healthy meals, you never miss your workout. At the end of the day, when you stand back on the weight trackers, you see you have lost quite an amount of weight.

Another advantage of a two-person weight loss journey is that you never hate your path. You never get bored by eating those green leafy vegetables. A boring sweaty workout becomes energy filled and mood elevator just by doing it alongside your partner.

How to use a two-person weight loss tracker????

It is very easy to use a two-person weight loss tracker; you just need to keep a track of weight and other important measures of your partner alongside yours.

For example, you started your journey today, write the date and day and mention your weight and your partner’s weight. You can write your names in place of A and B mentioned in the sample form.

Weigh yourselves both after a month and mention both weights once again in the same manner.

Compare your weights and know that this is by far the most effective method of weight loss achievement.


Weight loss chart template

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