Student Physical Fitness Form

In order to perform the duties of daily life, one needs to be physically fit. If a person wants to keep working 8 hours a day, it is important that he has the physical fitness of that level. Similarly, all the jobs have their own requirements for the level of physical fitness.

For a student, physical fitness is part of his education. Young children and teenagers need an extensive level of physical activities to channelize their energies and make the best of their available time.

Advantages of physical fitness in a student’s life

  1. Endurance and strength is the most important aspect of a person’s life. If a person stays physically active and hits the fitness gym or a jogging track every day, he finds more strength in his muscles and increased stamina.
  2. Staying physically active is a stress buster. It works wonders on the minds of those who hit the gym regularly. According to research, a thirty-minute exercise every day keeps you away from the stress and prepares you really well against the exertion and mental work for the rest of the day.
  3. Physical fitness is associated with a general sense of well-being. A healthy body leads to a healthy body and we can actually perform much better if we are physically active. We feel good and our self-esteem is always boosted that actually makes the difference.
  4. Strong bones and joints are one of the most underrated advantages of physical fitness. It is said that the synovial fluid present between the joints is produced in sufficient quantity and reduces the viscosity between the surfaces of the bones taking part in joint.
  5. bonus! Physical fitness delays aging. Yes, you have heard it right. Physical fitness keeps our body healthy and fresh which ultimately results in delaying of the aging process. We can enjoy an active and a better quality of life than our mates in the old age if we are physically fit and active in our youth.

Student’s physical fitness form

A student’s physical fitness form is used at various levels. It is used as a part of the overall evaluation of the student at the end of each term and ultimately at the end of each academic year. It is utilized as a record for the overall fitness status of the student which helps in deciding the appropriate physical activities for the student.

  1. A student’s physical fitness form is always issued by a general practitioner or a doctor in simple words who evaluates and examines the student according to the standard criteria and issues a physical fitness certificate.
  2. A physical fitness form for the student consists of the information of the student. His age, sex, height, and weight is measured and mentioned in the form and the results of the physical examination are mentioned.
  3. Some baseline investigations are also done whose results are also mentioned at the time of issuing the form.
  4. At the end of the form, the doctor signs this form and gives his final comments as a particular student is physically fit or not.
Student physical fitness form template

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