Warning Letter of Removal from GP (general practitioner) List

Some patients annoy their doctors with their weird personalities and behavior. Doctors are taught to bear with such patients and they often do it with patience. However, if the patient has gone too far in annoyance, the general patient can think of abolishing the treatment.

Every doctor has a list of patients he gives treatment to. Doctors are supposed to treat only those people who are on their list. This way, the patient does not get the treatment for the same thing from two different practitioners. 

Sometimes, the GP takes the direct action of removing the patient from the GP list and sometimes he merely warns the patient about it.

It is a reprimand letter in which the patient is told that he will not be able to continue getting treatment from the doctor unless he corrects his behavior.

In general, it is not usual practice to remove patients from the list of a doctor. So, people don’t know much about this letter. Here are a few conditions that necessitate the use of this type of letter:

When there is a disagreement:

The patient and his/her doctor are needed to be on the same page when it comes to choosing the treatment type and procedure. Sometimes, this agreement starts shaking and this disagreement may lead to lots of complications.

The patient cannot be forced to get the treatment he does not want and the doctor also does not agree to do what he does not feel like doing. In this situation, he is forced to remove the patient from his list.

When the patient does not behave:

The unruly patient is often hard to control and the doctor often feels that the patient is only wasting his time. When this happens, the doctor can decide to issue a warning so that the patient can be informed that he will have to improve his behavior.

When the record has to be kept:

The written warning always comes with the purpose to be held as a record that the patient was admonished before his name was taken away from the list of patients. This record helps the doctor a lot in numerous ways.

Things to do before issuing the warning:

Talk with the patient:

Issuing a letter to reprimand the patient is a critical step and it should be taken with care. If you have a disagreement and you want to discuss it with the patient, you should meet him in person rather than issuing the warning immediately.

See the policy of the hospital:

Some hospitals don’t allow the GP to take action by writing a warning letter because of many reasons. You may not want to go against the hospital policies and therefore, it is better to read the policy first before you think of erasing your patient’s name from your rooster.

Keep the consequences in mind:

Sometimes, there are lots of negative outcomes that follow the warning letter. You should be aware of all those outcomes before you start to write this letter. It is very important to make sure that you are genuinely writing this letter.

Following is a letter template that shows a warning issued by a medical practitioner to his patient who was agitated and unruly.


I am writing this letter following an incident that took place yesterday when you had a brawl with one of the staff members of the hospital. This is not the first time that you are being asked to reflect on your actions.

Considering your reckless behavior, I am issuing you a written warning. This kind of behavior in the vicinity of the clinic is not acceptable. I am also feeling trouble dealing with you. I would like to ask you to correct your behavior or else, I will have to remove you from the GP.

I hope that you will take this letter seriously. If you want to discuss anything within-person, you can ask me to organize a meeting with you.

Warning Letter of Removal from GP List

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