Doctor Appointment Letter to Office

We often need to take a leave from the office due to many medical reasons. One of the most common reasons for taking leave is having an appointment booked with the doctor. When we have an appointment letter to show as proof that we have to see the doctor, it becomes easy for us to get approval for the medical leave. Some companies have a policy of doctors writing directly to the office when they make a patient aware of the available slot in his work schedule. 

It is a special type of appointment letter that a doctor writes directly to the employer of the patient. In this letter, the doctor tells that the patient has booked an appointment with him/her. The details of the appointment are also shared in this correspondence. In some cases, the doctor also shares the medical details of the patient that he can share without the patient’s approval.

As a doctor, you must be aware of the practices that can be followed to write the best slot letter. This letter should clearly show that the doctor wants the patient to see him in the clinic on a particular date and time. The doctor should ensure that the letter is being printed on the letterhead so that it looks like a professional letter of appointment.

Below are two sample letters that you can read for a better understanding of writing an appointment letter that makes sense to the employer of the patient.


I am writing this letter regarding Mr. Johnsons who has been my patient for the last couple of years. He has chronic kidney disease and visits me after every 6 months for a checkup. His next checkup is on the way, and I have made a slot available for him on which he can visit me. His appointment is booked with me on 16th August 2043 at 9 am sharp.

As mentioned earlier, Mr. Johnsons is a patient with chronic kidney disease which can be very dangerous for him. Therefore, a regular checkup at a clinic is very important.

I believe that there is nothing more important in this world than a person’s health. Therefore, it is a humble request to you to allow Mr. Johnsons to be at my clinic at the mentioned time so that he can get his checkup without any further delays.

I hope that you will understand his situation. Should you want to know anything about the appointment, feel free to contact us during our clinic timings from 11 am to 10 pm.


An appointment of Mr. Johnson, who is an employee in XYZ Company, is booked at The City Hospital for a regular checkup with Dr.________ (mention the name of the doctor) at 10 am.

Mr. Johnson visits the hospital after every six months for his complete heart checkup. According to his medical reports, he is required to be here again for a checkup after 3 months as he is complaining about the pain in his chest. We cannot risk his life. Therefore, we have booked an early appointment for him. Based on his ECG results, we might need to admit him to the hospital for a few days. Please allow him to be available on the scheduled day as Dr. ________ will not be available for the next couple of months.

Employees need to be in good health so that they can fulfill their job responsibilities in a better way. If you want to know more about the health of your employee, you can contact Dr. ___________ at his clinic number anytime from 9 am to 6 pm. We expect cooperation from your side.

Doctor Appointment Letter to Office

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