Request Letter for Doctor Appointment


This letter is been written for an appointment with Dr. Steward on [mention date]. For the past few weeks, I have had muscle problems and visited many doctors. After taking a lot of medication I did not get improve and was suggested to visit you. I need this appointment as early as possible as I am in a lot of pain. I will bring my test reports and consultant’s prescription on appointment day. Kindly let me know through email for more documents.


I am writing this message to ask for an appointment with Dr. Ruskin due to food poisoning. At a party, I ate way too much which resulted in continuous vomiting. It has weakened my immune response. I have taken home medication but I did not feel relieved. It has become difficult for me to do any work. For this reason, I want a checkup for proper treatment. I know the patients take appointments a week before but my condition is not good to wait so long. I would be immensely grateful to you if you find time for me. I hope that you will book a slot for me. Thanking in anticipation.


This message is a formal request to have an appointment with Dr. Jonson on [mention date]. I have a backache problem and it is getting worsening day by day. After visiting many consultants I have been referred to you by Dr. Marlow, a senior professor at ABC Hospital. I request you to please give me a slot on an immediate basis. Your cooperation will be highly appreciated in this regard. Many prayers your way!


Hope you have been doing great. I am writing this message to take Dr. Mathew’s appointment on [mention date]. He had recommended some tests when last time I visited him. Final reports of tests have come and I want to take his final opinion. I will bring my test reports, previous records, and hospital card. Kindly let me know when the slot will be available as I am very stressed about my health. Mentioned below is my contact number you can share the appointment details on it.


I am David Stew and I want to ask for an appointment with Dr. Alex on [mention date]. I had been diagnosed with neuropathy and Dr. Alex had kept me on a medication course for two months. I have seen no improvement using this medicine and I am losing control over my body due to this. I feel numbness all over my body and I want to have an appointment in this regard. Please inform me when I can come for my checkup and what things I need to bring with me on the appointment date.


I want to schedule an appointment with neurology doctor Edward and want an appointment on an urgent basis. I have stiffness in my muscles and it is becoming very problematic for me. I cannot perform physical activity and feel trouble while walking. I have suggested an ointment for massage but it did not provide any relief. I feel lethargic all the time and for this reason, I request you to please give me an early appointment.  I hope you will understand my current condition.


I am David Steward and work as sale person in ABC Institute. I am a heart patient and last month I had got cardiac arrest my angioplasty was done on [mention date]. Dr. Stalin had asked me to come for follow up and I am on his prescribed medicine course. I am feeling heartache for the past two days and therefore I need an appointment date this week. I will be thankful to you for this favor.


I hope things are good on your side. This message is a request for an appointment on [mention date]. I have had spinal issues since last week and I want a regular checkup with Dr. Julian. I have visited many consultants but my situation is worsening. One of my friends also visits you and he has asked me to consult you. I request you to please give me an appointment in the next three days. You can contact me on my number for an appointment fixation. I have to come from Manchester so please let me know a day before. Thank you for your cooperation.

Request letter for doctor appointment

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