Maternity Leave Extension Request Letter


I am Christine Dales and teach Computer Science to grade 9th students. I am immensely happy to let you know that I am blessed with a healthy baby boy. I cannot express my pleasure in words as God has blesses me with the best. My husband and I are very excited about this news as the new chapter of our life is going to start. There were many impediments while I delivered a baby and it weakened my body. My physician has recommended me two weeks of rest.

My maternity leave is ending on [mention date] and I want you to extend it till [mention date]. My doctor’s recommendation is attached along with this letter. Your cooperation will be highly appreciated in this regard.


This is to bring to your notice that I want an extension on my maternity leave. My baby’s health is not good and he is suffering from pneumonia. Doctors have devised to take his proper care otherwise his health would be in great danger. I have no one in my absence to take care of the child. Therefore, I request you to please extend my maternity leave. Your mutual support will be highly appraised. Please let me know through email your response.


Hope you are having a great time. My maternity leave will end at the end of this month and I am writing this letter to ask you to elongate it. I had gone through severe complications during delivery and still, I am not stable. I cannot perform duties due to poor health. The doctor has endorsed me to be on complete bed rest. It is my formal request to please hold forth my leave till [mention date]. I request you to please remember me in your kind prayers.           


I am Bella Dolls and I am on maternity leave nowadays. I delivered a son three weeks ago and on [mention date] my leaves are about to end. I am writing this letter to ask for a favor regarding a maternity leave extension. my stitches have got an infection and it has made me weak physically. I am not in a position to resume official tasks as it will badly affect the work quality.

My baby’s condition is also not good and he needs my full surveillance. It will take me two more weeks to get fully recovered and I will deliberate my duties efficiently. I have talked to Robinson about this and he will carry out my tasks during this period. I would be immensely thankful to you for approving my request.


I hope you are having a great weekend. This letter is a humble request to take an extension in maternity leave due to health issues. I am on maternity leave nowadays and last week I got tuberculosis. it has put drastic effects on my baby as well as my health. I have to rejoin the office on [mention date] but I am not well physically.

I need ten days’ leave to regain my health and I will be back to work on [mention date]. You might be get offended to inform me at the eleventh hour but I hope that you will understand my situation. I have attached my medical reports with this letter. Looking forward to hearing positive from you.


I am Sylvia Steward working as an assistant manager in your organization. I am penning this letter to ask for a few days’ extension on my maternity leave. I am in post-pregnancy depression and remain irritated all the time. I have consulted the doctor in this regard and he told that this happens after delivery. I want to take your favor in this regard if you allow me a few days’ leave. I am mentally not prepared yet to hold any official responsibility.

Moreover, I breastfeed my son and I do have not any house helper to take care of him. I will try to arrange a helper I will feel relaxed in this way while being away from home.  Therefore, I request you sanction my leave request. I need your support during this tough time.

Maternity leave extension request letter

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