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Medical Insurance Renewal Letter

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    Re. Request for Renewal of Health Insurance against Insurance ID # 202C8

    Dear Aitcheson, I am David Hoper from Nicole Eighteen, California. I filed for my medical insurance on 12th November 20XX which has been expired last month. I had taken on the insurance policy of your company at the rate of premium insurance which includes automatic renewal with an approval email but I am sad to inform you that it did not happen in my case. I had paid an amount of $179 for the automatic renewal every year which is also called premium insurance in your official terms, but it did not prove to be valued.

    It is a fuss to request for the renewal each year that is why I request you to renew my next two years’ insurance which is health in particular. It includes the insurance of my family’s health or medicine in general against the receipt I have enclosed with my letter. I have also enclosed all the required documents with the application letter. You can contact me at +[X] for more details. Please prepare my next two years’ insurance file as soon as possible and then intimate with me. Thank you.


    David Hopper
    National ID # 234154123
    Insurance ID # 202C8
    Steel Street, Nicole Eighteen,
    Californian, USA

    Medical Insurance Renewal Letter

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    Re. Request for Renewal of Health Insurance of ID # 20398

    Dear Hill,

    I am Steve Johnson from Stigma Eight Groups of IT Professionals (SEGITP). This letter has been composed on behalf of the Director-General of the Company. This letter has been penned to you to request you the renewal of the medical insurance against ID # 20398 which includes the cluster insurance of the employees of the SEGITP. We had taken up the discounted insurance policy for our employees on 23rd March 20XX. The insurance has been expired on 12th January 20XX and needs to be renewed with immediate effect.

    The employees have been having trouble due to the expired medical insurance because we have a complete panel on the board of your insurance company. Therefore, each employee is affected by the expiration of the insurance each year. Having all this said, I request you to outline a five-year insurance policy for our company and employees so that the company can stay alert on the insurance panel and no inconvenience can halt the cycle.

    We assure you of our complete assistance in the process of revising the insurance policy for our company in the renewal process. You can contact us at [email] or fax no. [X]. Thank you.


    Steve Johnson
    The Manager
    Stigma Eight Group of IT Professionals (SEGITP)
    Steward Heights, 8/9 Square, California, USA

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