Doctor’s Note to Work from Home


This is to request you allow David Arnold to work from home on account of his current mental health. He has taken high stress of workload and it has affected his health overall. He visited me on [mention date] and he has started growing symptoms of neuropathy. It is a contagious muscular disease that results because of stress and a disturbed mind. He is in the initial state of this syndrome and it can be treated only if he will have less stress.

I have recommended to him some exercises to do several times a day. It would be impossible for him to practice in office hours. Therefore, it is my humble request to you grant him permission of working from home. His details are attached to the message.


Michael is my patient and works as an accounts manager in your organization. This is to inform you that her mental health is not stable nowadays due to the post-abortion triad. She was conceiving a baby and was in the second trimester. The baby had immature growth so we immediately did her abortion. She had conceived after ten years and abortion has badly affected her mental health. It will take her some time to digest the reality.

I request you to please allow her to work from home for some period. Once her mental health gets improved, she will resume the office. Please have a look at the reports along with the message. Thank you for understanding the matter.


With due respect, this is to state that for the past few weeks, I have been remotely working due to less time. I found some fruitful changes in my work performance without any hindrance. I was not giving my 100% in the clinic due to less time and increased work.  I had many tasks and presentations pending that I have to present at the annual healthcare counseling meeting. A lot of work pressure had made me mentally unfit to focus on work properly.

I request you to please allow me to work from home for three weeks. It would be enough for me to accomplish all the pending tasks. I can make myself available whenever needed. You have always accommodated me and I am looking for a positive response from you.


I am Arnold Seth and working as a junior physician in your organization. I have been working from home due to my leg injury. I was less interrupted and became able to achieve my set targets during this time. I have found myself more productive working remotely. I will request you allow me to work from home for two months as it would be beneficial for my mental and physical health. I will be obliged to you for giving me this favor.


This is to inform you that on [mention date] I have to attend an international to present my research paper. This seminar is held by the All Doctors Association every year where doctors are invited. This is a very important event and I want to give my best as I will be representing ABC Hospital. I want you to relax me by permitting me to work from home for a month. This will give me enough time to prepare all the material needed to present the paper. Thank you for considering my request.


I hope you have been doing great. I am Kim Mathew, a general physician at ABC Healthcare Institute. This message intends to make you a formal request of working from home. I travel two hours daily to Valley Stream as I cannot manage in hospital’s commodity. The reason is that my wife is pregnant and she has been forbidden to travel till her delivery.

I cannot leave her alone in this situation as anytime an emergency can occur. She is a high BP patient and it is very risky if I leave her alone at home.

Moreover, raveling daily has made me mentally sick and I am unable to concentrate on my work. I would request you to allow me to work from home until my wife delivers a child. I will take online appointments with the patients and will suggest the possible solution for their problems. I assure you that my work productivity will not be affected at all. Thank you for giving your precious time to this message.

Doctors note to work from home

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