Pregnancy Hospital Bag List

By the end of the 30th week, a mother must start preparing her hospital bag in case she has to rush to the hospital. This hospital bag consists of all the necessary items which can be used in the hospital at the time of birth and after that.

It is important to prepare the bag well in time so that you can add anything that is left to avoid the last-minute hustle. In addition to that, you also need to prepare the bag because you never know if you may have to go to the hospital in an emergency.

Essentials for the Mother/patient

We start shortlisting the essential items to be taken for the mother. Start with the identity card, hospital documents, and driving license.

  • Don’t forget to bring your cell phones and chargers, your camera and its batteries if you want to take pictures of the newborn.
  • You can bring the breast pump, nipple creams, and other ointments with you. Then some personal items like socks, sanitary pads, nursing bras, and a pair or two of clothes to wear. Although most of the hospitals provide their own clothes while you stay at the hospital, you must bring some of your own.
    • Also, do bring your own toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, some pins, and hair clips, hand and body wash, and shampoo/conditioner.

Essentials for the partner/attendant

Some essentials for your attendant must also be placed in your hospital bag. If your husband is coming with you, bring his personal items and toiletries along.

  • Keep a pair of comfortable shoes and dress for him so that he can feel easy during his stay with you at the hospital.

Essentials for the Baby

This is the most important and exciting list to make. Essentials for the newborn for the birth stay at the hospital and for his travel back home are very carefully packed in the bag.

  • Keep a diaper bag filled with diapers, baby wipes, and nappy rash cream along with petroleum jelly.
  • Always bring a baby nest, to carry the baby easily.
  • A baby blanket is an essential part of the bag preparation. Don’t forget to bring one blanket with you. A pair of socks, shoes, a towel, and a baby wrapping sheet must be added. Two or three pairs of complete outfits for the baby must also be placed in the bag because newborns need frequent changes. Keep one outfit for his travel back home.
  • Baby shampoo and baby lotions are also among the essentials of the hospital bag.

Other items in the hospital bag

There is another list of items that may or may not be added to the bag depending upon the situation. These items are:

  • Bring some reading material in case your stay is a little longer.
  • Ear plugs and a music player can be required to spend your time in the hospital. Keep an extra pillow and bed sheet in case you are not comfortable with the hospital bedding.
  • Other items are lotion, pen and paper, hairdryer, snacks, etc.
Pregnancy hospital bag list template

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