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To lead a fit and healthy life, it is crucial to know how much fat you have in your body. The body fat helps in knowing whether or not you have the required amount of body fat or are you exceeding it.

Having the right amount of body fat would help you plan out your lifestyle accordingly and would prevent any diseases from occurring. To know how much body fat does your body contain, a calculator is used which helps in computing the estimated amount of body fat.


The calculator makes use of information such as your weight and your height. Further information is required which consists of various measurements such as the waist size at the narrowest point and at the naval. Moving on with measurements, the calculator proceeds to ask about the size of your hips, thighs, biceps and forearms at their widest points whereas the narrowest points of the neck and wrist are to be mentioned.

This gives the calculator the whole body measurements so that it can provide you with the percentage. Note that this calculator gives just an estimate since it doesn’t know how much water you have had and doesn’t have an idea of any other external factors such as your diet or your fitness regime. If you want a 100% percent accurate result, then it is best that a physician be consulted who would give you advice regarding what you should and shouldn’t do.

body fat percentage calculator template

Body Fat Percentage Calculator Template
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