Patient Face Sheet Template

Paula was expecting her third child and she was about to reach her term. One day, when her husband wasn’t at home, she suddenly felt pain in her lower abdomen. She didn’t pay much heed to the pain and decided to wait for her husband Jamie. By the time, Jamie arrived home, it was already 1 am and Paula was unable to cope with the pain she had.

Jamie rushed to the hospital with his wife where the gynecologist admitted Paula saying she was in active labor. The doctor wrote on the admission paper and handed it over to Jamie to get the admission process complete.  Jamie went to the admission counter and admission was processed. After an hour or so, Paula gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Like Paula and Jamie, we all experience hospital admissions ourselves or of our loved ones. Hospitals have a proper protocol for the admission procedure which one has to undergo and all the formalities have to be fulfilled. Once the paperwork is done, a smooth and hassle-free hospital stay is guaranteed.

What is a patient face sheet?

In admission papers, we may have noticed a color-coded or a white sheet first. This sheet contains the admission information about the patient. This sheet is termed a patient face sheet. Since the sheet is placed on the top and it is the first sheet that you see in the file of the admitted patient, you can relate to its name being justified.

What are the details mentioned in the patient’s face sheet?

  1. The patient face sheet is a very informative document that gives complete information about the patient’s particulars during his hospital stay.
  2. A patient face sheet as mentioned earlier consists of information about the patient and also about the admission details.
  3. Like any other official document, the name, age, and other details of the patient are mentioned in the sheet.
  4. Information about the guardian/attendant who came for admission is also mentioned in the patient’s face sheet. Emergency contact details and the details of the address of the patient and attendant are also noted down on the face sheet.
  5. The relationship of the attendant with the patient is a mandatory thing to be mentioned in the patient’s face sheet.
  6. The department or the ward in which the patient is admitted is also mentioned along with the name of the treating doctor or specialist. For example, a laboring patient’s face sheet will include the gynecology/obs department with the name of the consultant on it.
  7. Details about the admission are also mentioned in the face sheet after the primary details. The chief diagnosis and reason for admission are mentioned in the face sheet in bold letters most of the time.
  8. If the patient is getting his medical expenses covered by the insurance company, the insurance details are also mentioned on the front of the admission papers.
  9. The signature of the admission issuing authority is also required to make this document official.
Patient face sheet template

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