Field Trip Permission Forms

Recreation is the food for the mind and soul. All of us need some time away as a break from the usual routine of our lives which gets boring with the passage of time if we don’t take a break. Recreation and extracurricular activities are equally important for all age groups.

Talking specifically about the children, the recreational activities and visits to renowned places are important for the younger kids and school going children up till their high school. It keeps them busy in their leisure time and they can apply a major part of their knowledge in practical experiences. One of such amazing and educational experiences is field trips. Field trips are the best source of recreation as well as information and knowledge.

But these field trips arranged by the school definitely require a lot of coordination and arrangements. Field trip permission is one of the primary steps while arranging a field trip for any class. Consent of the parents for any of such activities is necessary because these trips include a lot of activities and all the information including the information about travelling and many other things.

Field trip permission form

Field trip permission forms are available in the printed form and most of the schools keep these forms in case any field trip is planned. These permission forms are sent to all the parents of kids studying in the same class which is planned to go for a field trip.

Field trip permission forms are sent in different ways. They can be sent by the student himself or through mail or email. These forms are to be duly signed by the parents are sent back to the school so that trip arrangements can be started well in time.

What information does a field trip permission form contain?

  1. A field trip permission form is sent with the name of the student and his parents. The trip organizers from the school have to take care of the permission slips also. They send the slips with clear instructions with the information about the trip. Name of the student, his parents’ names and the class in which he studies is already mentioned when the field trip permission form is sent to the parents or guardians.
  2. The destination of the field trip is also mentioned in the permission form so that parents know where their child is being taken to. The destinations of the field trip and the route which the school bus will be taking is an essential part of the field trip permission form.
  3. The total cost of the field trip is also mentioned in the form so that the permission becomes an informed consent and no information is kept secret. Plus, parents who have to pay for the trip must know what amount has to be paid.
  4. The duration of the trip is also mentioned in the permission form. Departure and arrival time is essential so that all the children gather at one place and one time.
Field trip permission form template

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