Fake Doctor’s Notes

Anyone can get sick while working in an office. Anyone can get a fever, sore throat, or bad cough at any point in life. If you are someone who is working and who has to go daily on a job you would agree with the fact that there are some days when you really are too tired and exhausted to go to work. At times, we are sick and want a day or two off from the office. This allows us to get some rest and recover from the ailment that we get.

But there are some days when you are not sick and there is absolutely nothing with your health or life, but you still want to get a leave and do something your heart desires. It happens when you are too fed up with the routine of the office and work and the life that revolves around the work.

Employer companies do have a fair policy of earned leaves and sick leaves, but we obviously want to keep those leaves spared for actual problems that we can face in life. But to get the leave just out of nothing is definitely not the policy of any employer. They don’t approve of an absence without reason and the reason if too illogical to be believed is put forward becomes a source of embarrassment for the employee too.

In spite of the fact that producing fake documents is an absolutely illegal act and fooling around with the manager and employers is not ethical, some people still tend to produce fake doctor’s notes.

Where fake doctor’s notes are used other than for leave?

Fake doctor’s notes are used for the purpose of getting leave from the office or any other workplace. Other than that, fake doctor’s notes can also be produced for the purpose of declaring the false cause of death of a patient, the wrong gender of the newborn baby, wrong medical reports of the patient, and many other malicious reasons.

But, please wait and keep this thing in mind very clearly, that fake doctor notes are by no means an appreciated act. You must stay away from fooling the people, no matter how trivial the purpose is. You can get jailed or punished in severe ways for producing fake doctor’s notes.

Fake doctor’s excuse slip

Fake doctor’s notes in their most harmless ways are used for getting leave from the office. This is still not a legal act and must be avoided as much as possible. Fake excuse notes issued by the doctor simply consist of the name of the employee with his details, his complaints, and the details of the examination taken by the doctor.

At the end of the document, the doctor recommends rest or leave for the patient. The only difference between an actual excuse note and a fake one is that the doctor applies a sick leave policy in a uniform manner and allows a perfectly healthy person to stay at home in case of fake doctor’s notes.

Doctor excuse note template

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