Doctor’s Note for Travel Cancellation

A doctor’s note for travel cancellation is a document prepared by a responsible doctor or healthcare professional for his patient so that the latter can submit it to his/her employer. In this note, the doctor certifies that the employee is under his professional care and he does not deem the employee medically fit for traveling. In addition, he requests the employer to spare his patient and cancel his travel arrangements.

Employees might need to request their employers for travel cancellation for various reasons, such as medical issues, client meetings, family commitments, deaths, emergencies, etc. If the travel plans need to be crossed out due to the medical problems of an employee, the employer might seek a doctor’s note, as it is a valid document prepared by a responsible and professional person. In addition, the employee may include the doctor’s note with the travel cancellation application to make his request worth considering and acceptable.

It must be a comprehensive document

A doctor’s note for travel cancellation may be a very short and concise document, or it may be a lengthy one if the medical issue involved is critical and requires a detailed explanation. However, the doctor cannot share any information without the consent of his patient.

The general details included in this note are:

  • Date.
  • Details of the employee.
  • Details of the doctor or healthcare professional.
  • Certification that the employee is the doctor’s patient.
  • The employee’s medical issue and its details (what the patient has allowed sharing).
  • Explain why he cannot travel and what has been prescribed.
  • Request for travel cancellation.
  • Indicate the time period for which traveling is not allowed, if possible.
  • Request to the employer for cooperation.
  • Indicate openness to communication or information provision.
  • Salutations and signature.

The doctor’s note is either prepared on the doctor’s personal and professional letterhead or the healthcare facility’s letterhead. The paper is then duly signed and stamped by the doctor to make it a valid and authentic document.

The doctor’s note is kept as a record in the employee file and can be used for any future references. This indicates that it is a formal and professional document of communication that should be prepared carefully. Furthermore, the employee should not submit a fake doctor’s note, which is a common practice, because if the employee gets caught by the employer or the doctor, he might have to face serious consequences.

Sample Doctor’s Note for Travel Cancellation




To whom it may concern,

Please excuse Mr. James Wilson from traveling on the airplane on 12th July 2031.  

He is not fit to travel for at least the next six months, i.e. until December 2031. After December, I can only allow traveling after reviewing his latest reports at that time.

Mr. Wilson has been under my treatment since the start of 2019 and is suffering from backache and spinal problems. I have often prescribed him bed rest and straight sitting. As for traveling, especially by air, he is not allowed, as per my prescription. The seats of the plane are very uncomfortable and the air pressure, as well as the long hours, might affect his vertebrae. Traveling would deteriorate his back issues and he might become bedbound.

Kindly, cooperate and spare him from any sort of traveling. If you need any more information, you can contact me at [contact].


Dr. Sarah William.

Doctor’s Note for Travel Cancellation
Doctor’s Note for Travel Cancellation

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