Dental Reimbursement Letter

A dental reimbursement letter is a letter that is written by an employee, who is entitled to dental benefits from the company. In this letter, the employee addresses the employer of the organization and requests reimbursement of his incurred dental expenses. In another scenario, this letter can also be written by an individual, who has dental insurance and wants to request the insurance company to reimburse his dental expenses.

Usually, there are pre-prepared dental reimbursement forms available to the employees or individuals, that are needed to be filled in with the correct information by the person making a reimbursement request.

The dental reimbursement letter is accompanied by the dental reimbursement form to make a proper and formal reimbursement request and extend an explanation to the relevant party. Although it is not a necessity and the completed forms may suffice, individuals often opt for the letter because it provides them a platform to explain the scenario and convince the company of the reimbursement.

Sometimes, a company entitles its employees to fringe benefits to cover their dental expenses. They get dental insurance for their employees and process reimbursement requests to the insurance companies on behalf of their employees. The entitlement to dental coverage is stated as a term in the contract. When an employee incurs dental expenses, he would make a request for reimbursement by writing a dental reimbursement letter.

The letter can be brief or detailed, depending on the type of treatment, required information, etc. However, generally, the following information is included in a dental reimbursement letter:

  • Date.
  • Details of the employee or individual, including employee ID, Insurance ID, contract terms, or insurance terms.
  • Details of the employer or insurance company.
  • Reference to the treatment, including the type of treatment, duration, expenses, entitled amount, or percentage of reimbursement.
  • Request for reimbursement.
  • Mention the attached documents and ask if any other document is required.
  • Gratitude and signature.

This letter becomes the basis of the insurance processing, so it should be written carefully and the individual writing this letter needs to ensure that the provided information is correct and accurate.

Sample Dental Reimbursement Letter




Dear Ms. Sarah,

I am writing this letter to request reimbursement of my dental expenses during my treatment from 4th November 2031 to 8th December 2031.

My employee ID is [X], and my insurance ID is [X]. According to my contract, I can get 25% of my dental expenses reimbursed. I went through dental surgery and the total amount of my expenses during my treatment period was $[X], 25% of which was approximately equal to $[X]. I request you to reimburse this amount as soon as it is possible for you.

I have attached my completed dental reimbursement form with this letter. All other relevant documents of my treatment, including the prescriptions, medical bills, etc., are also attached. If you need any other information or document, please let me know at [X].

Thank you.


Jill Watson.

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