Excuse Letter of Absence in School due to Depression

Schools don’t allow their students and teachers to show absenteeism frequently as it affects their performance. Therefore, every school comes up with various strategies to ensure that their students remain regular. Some of these strategies include charging fine to students, not letting them attend their class unless they make their parents come to school, and much more. In some cases, the school allows the students to go on leave or let them off if they have a genuine reason to remain absent. Therefore, students often write an excuse letter.

Depression is no different from any other physical or mental illness. So, if a student has some degree of depression and does not go to school and socialize, he can remain absent from the school by writing an excuse letter.

When you remain absent from school because of suffering from depression, you can write an excuse letter to the principal of the school letting him know about your condition. The basic objective of writing this letter is to let the reader know that you have a genuine reason for being absent from school. This way, a student can easily get away from the penalty or any other punishment.

It is important to remember that the excuse letter you write to the school is not a business document and you don’t need to format it like that. Rather, it is a document that is kept in your file to maintain your attendance record. This record is then used by the administration of the school to measure the academic success of the student. Below are some tips to follow to write a perfect excuse letter.

Start with giving your introduction:

The principal might want to see your previous attendance record after reading your excuse letter. For this purpose, he will require your details such as name, grade name, section name, roll number, and much more. Provide these details at the beginning of the letter to let the reader know about you.

Discuss your mental health:

Since you are writing this letter because your reason for absentee was depression, discuss it with the teacher or principal, whoever you are addressing in the letter. Don’t shy away from telling me that you have depression and you are fighting it. If you are comfortable, discuss the reason or ask the reader to meet you in person to have further discussion on this topic.  Mention in the letter that you were absent from school because of depression.


Since you know that your uninformed absentee must have annoyed your teacher, you should apologize in advance. Ask the reader to excuse you for staying away from school without even sending a formal letter of leave application. Assure the reader that it will not happen again. Let the reader know that you have attached a medical certificate with this letter also.

Read the sample letter written below and know what a perfectly composed letter of excuse looks like:

Sample letter:

Subject: Excuse letter for absenteeism

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am (mention your name), studying in grade X, section C having roll number 2525. I have been absent from school for the last 5 days. I remained absent from school without sending any leave application.

I was going through extreme depression due to some personal family issues. I was not feeling like socializing with anyone and my self-esteem was also too low. In addition to it, I was getting anxiety attacks and my family took me to a psychiatrist who suggested I take a break from everything.

Therefore, please excuse me for remaining absent from school for 5 days. I know that it will impact my performance in my studies badly. However, I am taking extra classes to catch up with the class. If you want to discuss things with me in person, please schedule a meeting with me. I am attaching my medical certificate with this letter as proof. I hope that you will cooperate with me.

Excuse Letter of Absence in School due to Depression

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