Weekly Diabetes Medication Tracker

Diabetes mellitus is a syndrome that involves multiple organs and systems in the human body. This means that proper management and treatment of diabetes are necessary.

Those who are already familiar with the pathophysiology of the disease will agree with the fact that the complications and effects of diabetes mellitus can be delayed with proper treatment and management.

The first step towards better and more meticulous management of the disease is understanding and accepting the disease and its outcomes. The second step involves changes in diet and lifestyle. A better and healthier diet with an active lifestyle is the key to delaying the effects, or, we may say, the complications, of the disease.

Weekly Diabetes Medication Tracker

Sample Tracker

Sometimes, patients with diabetes are unable to show compliance with basic changes in their lifestyle and diet; they have to switch to medication for the control of their blood sugar levels.

Anti-diabetes medication mostly includes hypoglycemic drugs. These hypoglycemic drugs are taken orally, like metformin, or in the form of subcutaneous injections, like insulin. Insulin has again been formulated in a variety of forms. Each type of insulin has a different duration of action and is used in different scenarios.

Non-compliance, the main problem in the management of chronic medical illnesses

Whatever the anti-diabetes drug is, compliance is the main concern of the doctor. Since patients have to take drugs mostly for the rest of their lives, they tend to lose interest and motivation, and certain other factors make them show less compliance and miss their doses. The result of non-compliance with chronic medical illnesses is never a good thing to know.

Diabetes medication tracker

A very simple and practical solution to combat the problem of compliance is making track of or keeping a record. It is really helpful in keeping the patients and their attendants motivated for the proper dose and regular medication.

  1. A diabetes medication tracker is used for the track record of the hypoglycemic drug so that the patient is never under or overdosed. Overdosing in a patient with diabetes has fatal outcomes, and it is hypoglycemia, which the doctors are always afraid of.
  2. So, a medication tracker is used every week, such as this one, which keeps us updated about the dose of the medicine and that the dose has been administered. It is also useful if there are two or more caretakers for the patient.
  3. A weekly medication tracker like this one is useful. It keeps us motivated every week, and we never lose the record as well.
  4. A weekly diabetes medication tracker consists of weekly columns in which we have to enter the dose and time of administration of the drug. A good thing about the tracker is that it contains separate columns for the time of medication and also gives the options of pre-meal and post-meal medication. The reason behind this is that anti-diabetes drugs can be given before, during, or after meals, depending on the readings.

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