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The first appointment of the patients at any healthcare facility always requires a number of steps before proceeding to the actual healthcare provision. Whenever a patient arrives at any hospital or clinic, a patient’s registration is the first step that has to be done formally.

Why a new patient medical form is filled?

Registration and documentation at the time of the first appointment carry an important place in the maintenance of the medical records and save a lot of time and energy for the patient and the health care providers during the subsequent hospital visits of the same patients. So, most of the new hospitals and clinics maintain a good record of the patient and most of this record comes from the new patient medical forms.

What is included in new patient medical forms?

Since the hospital is interested in gathering as much information about the patient as it can, the medical forms at the first visit contain a number of sections that are duly filled and carefully kept in the medical records department.

  1. The first and foremost information to be mentioned in the new patient medical forms is the introduction and identity of the patient. The name of the patient with his father’s or guardian’s name is always mentioned with proper care and responsibility. This section also includes information about the address and contact number of the patient. Hospital management is interested in knowing the address and contact details for follow-up and many other reasons. Some information about the family is also mentioned in the first section of the form.
  2. Some new patient medical forms have a separate section for the details of the insurance of the patient. Since the medical facility is quite expensive and some companies offer medical coverage to the patient, the details of medical insurance are mentioned in the new patient registration form. Some companies cover the medical expenses of their employees and families.  All of such information is mentioned in the registration form so that the hospital can contact the sponsoring company for verification and vice versa.
  3. New patient medical forms may also contain information about the medical and surgical history of the patient. This history is not mentioned in detail as this section is mostly concerned with the respective specialty to which the patient is referred. But, still, some basic information is always good to mention at the time of the appointment. Medical and surgical history is sometimes accompanied by dental history as well and so is mentioned the history of drugs, medication, allergies, and blood transfusion.
  4. Some of the new patient medical forms also need to ask for the patient’s relatives and emergency contact numbers. This is an important section of the form because the patient’s relatives might be contacted in case of emergencies or any other reference and follow-up when the patient himself gets out of reach of the hospital.
  5. In the end, the patient or guardian goes through the form again and signs this document agreeing that the information mentioned is correct.

New Patient Entrance Form

New patient entrance form

New Patient Information Sheet

new patient information sheet

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