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Request Letter to Doctor for Appointment

    Whenever you need to get treatment from the doctor, you are required to book an appointment in advance. Booking an appointment in advance saves you from having to wait that you will be required to go through because of not booking the appointment. Therefore, it is always recommended that you write a letter to the doctor for an appointment and make a formal request for an appointment.

    Importance of writing the request letter for appointment

    There are many situations in which it becomes essential for you to write a letter to make a request. For example, when you know that the doctor you want to see is not available in the upcoming week, but you are going through a serious health condition, you can write a request letter and ask the doctor to book you a slot.

    Sometimes, it is not easy to meet the doctor without an appointment. Therefore, you must write this letter to book the appointment. In some situations, the doctor you want to visit is in another city and you have to travel to that city for visiting the clinic. In that situation, you should ask the doctor to tell you about his availability so that you can save time.

    Guidelines for writing this request letter:

    1. Tell the doctor why you want to visit him. The doctor needs to know who wants to visit him.
    2. Mention the date or week in which you want to get a slot.
    3. Formally request the doctor to give a portion of his available time to you so that you can get treated in time.
    4. Ask the doctor to tell you about the medical reports and test results that you are required to bring along.  

    Sample letter


    To: (generally the hospital authority)

    Subject: Request letter for appointment

    Respected Sir/Madam,

    This letter is being written to you to make a formal request for an appointment with you on the 10th of November, 20XX.

    It has been one week since I am having severe pain in my back. I have visited my regular doctor and many other physicians to get rid of this excruciating pain. The last doctor I visited was Mr. Boros in the ABC clinic. He recommended visiting you after he has seen that my back pain is not going to reduce.

    As I have already mentioned, I am in severe pain. Therefore, I would like to request you book me a slot from your available time. I will bring all test reports and prescriptions along so that you can see what kind of treatment was administered to me before. If you need any other documents that can aid you in giving me good treatment. You can contact me on the given number at the end of this letter.

    I will be highly obliged if you book me a slot in the 2nd week of November.


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    Request Letter to Doctor for Appointment
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