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Blood sugar levels are always the main concern of physicians and general practitioners. Diabetes in children and newborns is another main reason for this concern. Especially the babies of diabetic mothers are at a greater risk of developing diabetes mellitus.

Deranged blood sugar levels in kids are also an indication of some underlying metabolic disorder that needs to be monitored and managed properly.

Normal blood sugar levels in kids

  • If the baby’s blood sugar level is between 70 and 150 mg/dl, they are considered normal. Anything below or above these levels is abnormal.
  • Normal blood glucose levels in a newborn are slightly higher and remain so until five years of age. Normally they range from 100 to 200 mg/dl.
  • Children above this age have normally 70 to 150 mg/dl of sugar in their blood.
  • We all know that children are in a rapidly growing phase of their lives and their brain is working at a very high speed. This requires and repeated source of energy and a healthy internal metabolism.
  • These two factors if not properly functioning result in improper development and many other actual medical conditions.

How blood glucose levels are measured?

  • A simple handy device called a glucometer makes the measurement quite easy. A small prick is enough to get the blood glucose readings and you can easily take multiple readings in a day without drawing milliliters of blood from a small baby.
  • You just prick the baby’s finger pulp with a lancet and touch the glucometer strip which takes blood through capillary action. The strip is inserted in the glucometer and after some seconds, it gives the levels of blood glucose.

Common signs and symptoms of raised blood glucose levels

There are some general signs and symptoms of high blood sugar levels. Newborns may not show them necessarily or are overlooked sometimes.

Common symptoms are;


Drinking a lot of water because of increased thirst is a sign of raised blood sugar levels.


Increased appetite is also a general sign of diabetes and is termed polyphagia in which the patient eats more than normal because of elevated hunger.


Excessive urination is called polyuria and results from polydipsia.


Increased fatigue even in a child and tiredness all the time may support abnormal blood sugar levels.

Increased infections

Increased incidence of bacterial infections in a diabetic patient may give a clue about his deranged blood sugar levels. You must go to and share your concerns with the doctor.

Blood sugar chart in a child

  • Keeping a record of a baby becomes important for all the above reasons.
  • A child’s blood sugar according to this chart is measured before and after meals four times a day.
  • For example, a fasting blood sugar two hours post breakfast may be counted as one set and similarly for lunch, evening snack, and dinner.
  • Keep this record for a couple of days or as long as the doctor has advised and see if any of the readings show abnormal values.
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