Medical Registration cum Admission Form

A hospital keeps a record of everything. The visit of each and every visitor is documented, no matter for what purpose they are visiting. Those who are visiting the medical facility to get medical treatment are required to complete the registration process, which involves filling out a registration form at the beginning and paying the fee. Once the process of registration is complete, the details of the patient are added to the database of the hospital, and then they are accessed as and when they are needed.

What is a registration cum admission form?

It is a document that is used whenever a person goes to a hospital and is ready to get paid for medical services. Those who are going to get a regular checkup will have to go through the process of registration, and those who have some serious issues will have to get admitted for a thorough checkup using the intake form for admission purposes.

The same form is used for both purposes because, no matter whether a patient wants to be admitted or get a checkup, the details that he needs to provide are the same.

When should I use this form?

When a patient reaches the hospital, the first thing that he needs to deal with is the registration form. The form is filled out at the counter, and then it is submitted. The fee is charged, and then it is made sure that the patient gets all the necessary facilities that he has paid for.

The data collected from the registration form becomes a permanent part of the hospital’s database, and it is accessed whenever there is a need to check the background or medical record of the patient.

What are the benefits of the registration form?

It serves as a time-saving tool for medical staff

The registration and admission form takes all the details from the patient that a doctor needs during the treatment. Instead of asking the patient every question and then noting down the answers, using the registration form saves time, as it takes only 5 minutes for the patient to fill out this form, and all his information reaches the hospital.

It improves the quality of the database

Data is one of the most precious assets of any organization, as it forms the basis for many decisions that the organization will make in the future. As patients and visitors keep filling out the form, the data keeps coming in, and this way, the database keeps getting saturated. With the saturation of the data, its quality improves, and the medical facility can make a lot of decisions and also make predictions based on the previously obtained data.

It lets the hospital know who referred the patient

Many people who are visiting the hospital for the first time are those who have been referred by some other doctor who did not have a particular treatment option. There is a section in the form that asks the patient to tell who has referred him to this hospital. This way, a hospital comes to know how visitors are reaching here, and it can also work in other ways from where patients are not coming.

It ensures better treatment

The data collected always remains in the database, so when a patient comes for a follow-up checkup, he will not have to bring his test reports or past prescriptions, as everything is always saved in the hospital’s database, and it will access it according to its needs. One hospital can also request another hospital to share the medical record of the patient after obtaining permission from the patient so that better and more informed decisions can be taken.

It increases efficiency

The purpose of using these tools is always to make the entire system of the hospital more efficient so that the productivity of the medical staff can be increased and it can be ensured that the hospital is using automated tools to overcome the problems that the medical staff used to face during entering the data. If the record is always there, they will not have to make an entry once again, and this way, they will be able to save time.

Medical Registration cum Admission Form

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