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Sign-in sheets are used in the professional world for a variety of reasons depending on the type of organization. Regardless of the purpose for which the sheets are used, they are always helpful for an organization for maintaining security. 

What is a patient sign-in sheet?

A sign-in sheet is a record sheet that is extensively used in hospitals to keep track of all the visiting patients in the hospital. This sheet lets the management and administration of the hospital know how many people have visited the hospital on a given day. 

What does a patient sign-in sheet do?

This sheet is like a record sheet that is used to gather information about every person who visits the hospital. Since it is known as a patient record sheet, it is specifically for patients and no other individual is targeted through it. 

In hospitals where taking care of patients is a top priority, the use of patient sign-in sheets is ensured. These sheets are useful for making sure that the hospital runs smoothly and every patient is registering at the hospital on time, thereby getting proper care and attention from the medical staff. 

What general information is included in the patient sign-in sheet?

Numerous details are added to the patient sign-in sheet to ensure that when a patient enters the hospital, the relevant details are captured. Although it completely depends on the hospital and its requirements regarding the use of the sign-in sheets, there are some very common details that you will find on almost every sheet. These details are given below:

The header of the sheet:

Since a sign-in sheet used for patients is designed by the hospital and the sheet should show its association with the hospital, there is some space allocated for adding the name and logo of the hospital. The title of the sheet should also be specified in the header that lets everyone know that their details are being taken for filling the sign-in sheet. 

Details of the patient:

The main entity of this record sheet is the patient visiting the hospital. Therefore, the details of the patient such as name, gender, and date of birth should be collected by this record sheet. 

Date and time of arrival:

The date and time on which the patient entered the hospital should also be recorded because this is what the sign-in sheet has been designed for. For security reasons, the sign-in sheet records the time of arrival of the patient. When the hospital has to compile the bill, it can confirm the number of days the patient has stayed in the hospital by having a look at the arrival time and date. 

Reason for visiting the hospital:

Some hospitals also want to know the purpose of the patient behind coming to the hospital. Some patients have an appointment with the doctors while coming for emergency treatment. Regardless of the reason, the sign-in sheet mentions it. There can be another column in which it can be recorded to whom the patient has an appointment. 

How to use the patient sign-in sheet?

Whenever a patient enters the hospital, the hospital asks him to fill out the sign-in sheet which collects a few details about the patient. If the patient refuses to provide those details to the hospital, the hospital holds the right to not let the patient enter the hospital because the sign-in sheet is also used extensively to make the environment of the hospital more secure and safe for people by not letting those people enter the premises of the hospital who don’t want to disclose their identity to the hospital.

Due to this, hospitals ensure the use of this sign-in sheet is made at the entrance of the hospital. Every patient fills out this information form. 

Patient sign-in sheet template:

If you want to use the sign-in sheet in the hospital to track the arrival time of every patient in the hospital, you can get a ready-made tool for this purpose. The form can be used in the readymade form. Most of the time, it is found in MS Word sheets which are very easy to use and download. The user is given the freedom to personalize it by editing it.

Patient Sign-in Sheet
Patient Sign In Sheet

Sheet: Short format

Patient Sign-in Sheet
Patient sign in sheet template

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