Letter of Permission to Go for Antenatal

If numerous female workers are working under you, you should know that they have many rights that they can exercise. For instance, a female employee can take a leave from work for antenatal. It is your job to manage the requests from workers when they request time off work. In some cases, the woman seeks your permission so that she can go on leave. In this situation, you will be required to write a letter of permission.

What is a letter of authorization for delivery?

It is a type of formal letter in which you allow the woman to go on leave for antenatal. This letter clearly states that you are authorizing the subject of the letter to go on leave only for antenatal. In some cases, this letter is written upon the request of the person and sometimes the person writes the letter after understanding the situation and importance of this letter. 

Who writes this letter?

Anyone who has the authority by law to authorize someone for carrying out a delivery procedure or related procedure can compose this letter. The following people can write:

  1. An employer who allows his employee to on go on leave on account of antenatal care
  2.  A gynecologist who has thoroughly carried out the check-up of the woman and allows her to go for antenatal
  3.  The woman herself also writes this letter so that she can allow the staff of the hospital to give her the necessary treatment.

Formating the details…

Know the entire situation:

Before you decide to write this letter, try to grasp the understanding of the situation. For this, you can also meet the woman in person and ask her to show her medical certificate that shows that the woman is ready for antenatal. After you have seen the document, you can get ready to write the permission letter.

Use the letterhead of your company:

Your authorization should not be anywhere but the letterhead. It is a document that people use whenever they have to compose any sort of official letter. In some cases, the document printed on the letterhead also serves many legal purposes. So, whenever you give permission, write a letter on the letterhead.

Give the authorization statement emphatically:

Never forget that when you give permission, you should be clear so that there is no confusion in the letter for the reader. Mention your name and the name of the woman seeking permission. Also, state the dates on which the woman can be on leave for antenatal.

Mention the purpose:

You should be transparent in the letter as to what is the purpose of this permission letter.  Clearly state in the letter that the woman is being sent on leave because she needs to go to the hospital for delivery. It is very important to clear the purpose if you don’t want this letter to be misused.

Provide your contact details:

People often like to contact you when they want to confirm the authorization. So, never forget to provide your details that can make it possible for people to reach you.

What are the advantages?

  1. After reading this letter, the woman can be sure that she has sought permission from her employer that she needed in order to go on leave for antenatal.
  2. This letter can be used as proof by a woman that she has been granted leave.
  3. Employers also use this letter when they want to show that they are letting women exercise their rights and allow them to remain away from work.

Read the sample letter given below to see what a permission letter looks like.


I, (Mention your name), head of ABC Company authorize Mrs. XYZ to take time off work due to antenatal. She is allowed to stay away from work for 2 weeks from (mention the date) to (mention the date). It is stated that this permission letter should not be used for any other purpose.

If you want to know anything else about this permission, please feel free to contact me.

Your’s truly,

Name of the recipient



Letter of Permission to Go for Antenatal

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