Dog/Cat Health Log

Pets are man’s true friends. They always keep their owner busy and happy with their cute activities and gestures. Pets keep a house alive because their existence always brings a sense of life to the house.

A lot of people who are pet lovers know that keeping a pet means having a family member in the house. They need the same level of care and love and attention that every other member of the family requires. If we keep a cat or a dog as a pet, we need to take care of their food, their sleeping place, and their cleanliness. Just like that, we need to take care of their health also.

Taking care of a pet’s health is not just important for the pet, it is necessary to keep other members of the family and visitors safe from the contagious diseases or communicable diseases that these pets might be carrying with them.

We all know that pets do carry some viruses and bacteria and get sick from the diseases caused by microorganisms. These bacteria and especially viruses are equally capable of spreading infectious diseases in the human inhabitants of the house and the consequences can be literally life-threatening.

For the reasons above mentioned, we need to take care of the fact that the cats and dogs we keep in our homes as pets are properly taken care of and are properly vaccinated. Regular checkups of these pets with an animal doctor are necessary to keep a proper record of the pet’s health.

Cat/Dog health log

If we have a cat or a dog in our house we definitely take them to the doctor and he keeps a record of the health in the form of a log. This log helps in maintaining track of the health status as well as a record of the pet in case it has to be adopted by some other family.

  1. In a pet health log, the name of the owner is a must to be mentioned along with his details and contact or address.
  2. If the pet has a name, its name is mentioned in the health log for the purpose of identification.
  3. The age of the pet and its date of birth are also mentioned. The importance is that we can assess the health status according to the age of the pet.
  4. We all know that all animals do not possess the same vitals so the reference ranges for each of them are different. While checking the vitals of a pet cat or a pet dog, we need to know the normal ranges of the vitals. For example, a doctor must know the normal range of heart rate in a cat and a dog.
  5. The systemic examination is also done keeping in mind the knowledge of normal status.
  6. At the end of the log, a doctor has to mention the vaccination status of the pet and will also mention if any booster dose has to be administered.
  7. If necessary, the doctor can comment on the overall health status of the pet.
Dog health log template

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