Massage Client Intake Form

Massage Therapy Intake Form

A masseuse professional can make use of Massage Client Intake Form to keep record of all the client visited with him/her. Masseuse like the doctor when get you admitted take all your medical history in consideration so that there is no sort of injury caused to you. The client that comes to the sap or massage centers are asked to fill out the form and let the Masseuse know what ails them so that the massage can be targeted more towards that particular body part. Many people would consider it as an odd process but the truth is that it is the thing that helps you relax while you are getting massaged.

The form can be divided into four different parts:

Massage Client Intake Form

  • The personal information of the client is added in this form, this helps understand the Masseuse how to progress further because the treatment for female and male both is varied in aspects.
  • The medical history or the body activity history of the patient is also brought to consideration so that it can be understood that what body part has to be less strained and which one needs treatment.
  • You are supposed to check out the activities or the conditions that you are facing while on the day of massage.
  • The body part that ails you is clearly pointed for the Masseuse to take care of it and let you feel relaxed and happy.

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These components that you will fill out in the form would help the Masseuse to give you the best massage of your life ever.

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