Massage Client Intake Form

Massage is a very ancient therapy to relax the mind and body. It works very effectively by relaxing your muscles after a week or a month of tiresome jobs and daily activities. A person who professionally does massage is known as a masseuse and is well-trained to relax your body by manipulating your soft tissues and joints.

History of massage

Massage, as mentioned earlier, is a very ancient practice that dates back to a hundred years before Christ. Japan, India, China, and Egypt were famous for the best massage at that time, and we still see many Chinese massage centers providing the best massage services to their clients.

Types of massage

There are many different types of massage offered by massage centers. Ayurveda massage is a very common and popular form of massage in which some herbs are used to relax the skin and muscles of your body. It targets the lymphatic system, which helps create a better and more relaxed body. Acupuncture is another very popular form of massage, especially offered by Chinese centers.

In acupuncture, certain pressure points are identified and used for acupuncture using microneedles. Burmese massage is also a very good form of massage that has proved to be very effective in relaxing the mind. Other forms of massage are shiatsu, biodynamic massage, craniosacral therapy, medical massage, shiatsu, and many others

Massage client intake form

Whenever a client enters any massage center, he needs to get registered for massage services. For better massage services, one has to provide proper information about himself and all other relevant details requested by the massage center.

A massage client intake form is filled out by the masseuse or the administrator of the center, and it begins with the basic information of the client. The date of birth of the client, his age, height, and weight are very important to mention in the intake form.

A detailed history of the patient is also mentioned in the intake form. The exercise frequency of the client helps in knowing their physical fitness, and his smoking history helps assess the general status of the client. Other significant medical and surgical histories of the client are also mentioned in this section because history forms the foundation of the type of massage.

Any current history of sunburn, bruises, headaches, poison ivy, or any recent or old inflammation has to be marked in the massage client intake form. The history of arteriosclerosis in the client is important because this is a strong risk factor for developing cardiac diseases. The history of medications is mentioned as well.

After a masseuse gathers all the necessary information in the form of an intake form, all the target areas of the massage are marked on the diagram. This helps in the determination of the exact points of massage. A client gets a targeted massage, which is more effective than a random general massage.

At the end of the massage client intake form, the masseuse mentions that he understands the situation and case of the patient and is ready to provide massage.

Massage Client Intake Form

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