Class Emergency Phone List

Mishaps can occur in anyone’s life. No soul in this world has come to live a smooth life. The path of this life is full of rough patches and some are full of sudden and extreme losses. Medical emergencies are one of those rough patches of life that can happen to anyone. Anyone might have to face it one way or the other. It is true that most emergencies are avoidable if proper care is taken and precautionary measures are taken.

But, in spite of taking all the care, one might come across emergencies in his or her life. This does not mean at all that life has ended here. Life continues and sometimes, the situation passes by as if it never came. This is only possible if we stay sane during these emergencies and keep our nerves and wits strong the whole time.

What to do during an emergency?

So, this is one of the most commonly asked questions and probably the most difficult to answer. The reason being a difficult question to answer is that every emergency is different and requires a different kind of attention and management.

Whatever the situation is, the first and foremost thing to do is try to keep yourself calm and present in the moment. Do not lose your nerves and keep telling yourself that you can go through this situation, you can do this.

We all understand the fact that an emergency situation always has the potential to cause damage to a person’s security, health, or sometimes even life. To summarize the first steps to be taken in any kind of emergency, we need little preparation beforehand. For example, we need to keep an emergency phone list so that anyone can contact us on our behalf even if we are not in a state of contacting ourselves.

Class emergency phone list

  1. The emergency contact list can also be prepared for any member of the family. The family member can be of any age and any emergency can happen to anyone in the family. Even school-going kids can face it no matter how much careful we are.
  2. So, a class emergency contact list is prepared in which some contacts are mentioned priority-wise in case a student faces an emergency. This emergency contact list is kept safe with the school authorities or sometimes present at the back of the student’s identity.
  3. The name of the student for which the contact list is prepared is written on the top of the form. This also contains information about the age, sex, date of birth, and initial contact and address details.
  4. After that, the emergency contact numbers are mentioned. One thing is important while mentioning the contact numbers. We mention the most important contact number at the top of the list. We make the list according to our priority which tells the reader who to contact first if an emergency arises.
  5. Any special notes if one wants to write in the contact list can be added in the end.
Class emergency phone list template

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