Newborn baby planning checklist

Blessing is on your way, celebrations are ahead and everybody around you is excited and ready to celebrate the new born arrival! You are still in awe of this biggest yet cheerful news of having a gift of ALMIGHTY in your hand very soon. After having planned the maternity and paternity leave you are required to check whether you have already made the desired preparations for your child’s clothing and accessories that include furniture, travel kits and feeding products.

Don’t worry we have got you covered with our simple yet pretty checklist which will surely make you hassle-free of all the prior arrangements that need to be checked before time. Everyone gets in panic when he or she tries to remember every stuff at eleventh hour and you may overlook some of the very important things that are necessary for your child.

Starting with the essential ones, your little one would be requiring season-based clothes, undergarments to keep him/her warm and cosy. Woollen sweaters and shirts are a must for the newborn as they are prone to diseases and infections and they may get cold if not covered properly. Soft and light material should be bought keeping in view the fragile and soft skin of babies. Funky socks and hats are added stuff to buy especially for chilly weather. Cute small mittens for gentle hands and fleece bunting suit will give warmth and protection from chill breeze.


You want your home to give you a feel of present from the heavens and you are dying to make your place a paradise for your kid too. You need to make sure of some very relevant stuff like a baby bouncer for swing and rocking chair for his playtime, a crib mattress for sleeping and a pram for outdoor activities. For diaper changing, you need to have a changing table and pad to support the mother and the baby for easy change.

When it comes to feeding, your child might throw up food while having his bananas and yogurt and you will be looking for something to clean your child’s mouth or the morsel that he unintentionally dropped on his new fancy shirt. So, bibs and napkins are designed for this very purpose. Baby water bottle and milk bottles should be brought along with a baby bag. They must be there with you all the time so that you may not be in trouble when hunger pangs go high and your child starts crying unnecessarily for his milk time.

Bathing is fun time for new mommies and kids too and bath tubs make that fun more cheerful. Hooded towels for cleaning and making your child dry after a hot bath in an infant tub, soft scents and baby powder that gives you pleasing fragrance from baby skin are all those amazing products that newly profound couple enjoy their shopping at this hour.

Last but not the least, just like we adults prepare a travelling bag for us while going out on an excursion trip we need to make that one for babies too. Our travel bag should contain baby wipes, milk powder, pampers, feeder, a toy or a book for leisure time, backseat for the car and stroller for child’s troll in the park.

Since our readymade templates are here to cater you with all the vital things to be kept in place before your baby’s arrival, we will highly recommend you guys to go and check out the comprehensive yet very well-organized checklist of ours. We are sure you won’t regret after having this one and you will easily manage all of your baby shopping in a very organized and easy to use way.


Newborn Baby planning checklist

Simi Karton

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